List of Cities in the Bahamas

List of Cities in the Bahamas

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Below is the List of Cities in the Bahamas



West End

Coopers Town

Marsh Harbour


Bahamas City

Andros Town

Clarence Town

Dunmore Town

Rock Sound

Arthur’s Town

Cockburn Town

George Town

Alice Town

Sweeting Cay

Matthew Town

Snug Corner

Great Harbour Cay

Nicholls Town

Colonel Hill

Pirates Well

Port Nelson

Duncan Town

What city is close to the Bahamas?

Bimini is the westernmost island of the Bahamas, situated about 80 km (53 mi) east of Miami, Florida, making it the closest point in the Bahamas to the US mainland.

Where do most people live in the Bahamas?

Ninety percent of the Bahamian population identifies as being primarily of African ancestry. About two-thirds of the population lives on New Providence Island (the location of Nassau), and about half of the remaining one-third lives on Grand Bahama (the location of Freeport).