List Of Civil Society Organizations In Rwanda

What is a Civil Society Organization?

A civil society organization is an organizational structure whose members serve the general interest through a democratic process and which plays the role of mediator between public authorities and citizens.

List Of Civil Society Organizations In Rwanda

The Platform is composed of 9 member Umbrellas in various areas:

Member Umbrellas
1 CLADHOCollectif des Ligues et Associations de Défense des droits de l’Homme au Rwanda
2 RNGOFRwanda NGOs Forum
3 CCOAIBCollaborative Council of Organizations for Basic Initiative Support
4 NUDORNational Union of Disability Organizations of Rwanda
6 RRP+Rwanda Network of People Living with HIV
7 IBUKAUmbrella of organizations for defense of genocide survivors’ rights in Rwanda
8 RENGOFRwanda Environmental NGO’s Forum
10 REFACRwanda Education For All Coalition
11 CUICoalition Umwana ku Isonga

What is the role of civil society organizations in Rwanda?

Rwanda Civil Society Platform.

The mission of RCSPF is to represent its members in the processes of facilitating citizens’ participation in sustainable development efforts through constructive dialogue, debate, and advocacy at the national and international levels.

What is the work of civil society organizations?

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are non-state actors whose aims are neither to generate profits nor to seek governing power. CSOs unite people to advance shared goals and interests.