List of Customs Brokers in the Bahamas

List of Customs Brokers in the Bahamas

Custom brokers or Customs House Brokerages are working positions that may be employed by or affiliated with freight forwarders, independent businesses, shipping lines, importers, exporters, trade authorities, and customs brokerage firms.

In this article, tries to answer the question by publishing List of Customs Brokers in the Bahamas

Below is List of Customs Brokers in the Bahamas

Pinder’s Customs Brokerage Ltd.

+1 242-393-3795

Five Star Brokers Ltd.

+1 242-357-8118


+1 242-457-0046

Brimm Brokerage

+1 242-544-3794

PCL Imports Ltd.

+1 242-394-1005

Alliance Customs Clearance & Logistics Services LTD.

+1 242-328-3929

IMC Customs Brokerage

+1 242-557-2456

Security Forwarding Services (Movers)

+1 242-557-2456

Da Consolidators

+1 242-822-8682


To Register your Company, the following information is required –

  • Business Licence (where applicable)
  • Broker’s Licence
  • Courier’s Licence
  • Customs Bonds (that apply to the registration)

Registration is a one-time process for all users and it aids in a speedy clearance process. 

To Register online, click here.

Please Note:

  • The owner of a Company or a representative (with authorization from the owner) working for a said company may apply for a User Login to clear goods on the Company’s behalf. (Bear in mind, this is only for those familiar with Customs Procedures and clearance)
  • If the company uses an external broker, there is no need for a User Login as the broker will complete the process for you.