List Of Deputies In Rwanda

Who is Deputy?

A deputy is the second most important person in an organization such as a business or government department. Someone’s deputy often acts on their behalf when they are not there.

List Of Deputies In Rwanda

NamePolitical partyProvince
Médiatrice AhishakiyeWomen representativeSouthern Province
Speciose AyinkamiyeWomen representativeWestern Province
Christine BakundufiteWomen RepresentativeEastern Province
Eugène BarikanaRwandan Patriotic FrontCity of Kigali
Marcelline BasigayaboWomen representativeNorthern Province
Theoneste Begumisa SafariRwandan Patriotic FrontCity of Kigali
Diogene BitunguramyeRwandan Patriotic FrontNorthern Province
Emmanuel BugingoRwandan Patriotic FrontCity of Kigali
Frank HabinezaDemocratic Green PartyCity of Kigali
Jean Pierre Celestin HabiyaremyeRwandan Patriotic FrontNorthern Province
Mussa Fazil HarerimanaIdeal Democratic PartyCity of Kigali
Jean Pierre HinduraSocial Democratic PartyCity of Kigali
Clarisse ImanirihoYouth representativeWestern Province
Marie Mediatrice IzabilizaRwandan Patriotic FrontCity of Kigali
Ernest KamanziYouth RepresentativeSouthern Province
Phoebe KanyangeWomen representativeCity of Kigali
Emmanuel KaremeraRwandan Patriotic FrontWestern Province
Francis KaremeraRwandan Patriotic FrontCity of Kigali
Barthélemy KarinijaboRwandan Patriotic FrontSouthern Province
Annoncée ManiraroraRwandan Patriotic FrontWestern Province
Chantal MbakeshimamaRwandan Patriotic FrontSouthern Province
Gamariel MbonimanaLiberal PartySouthern Province
Winifrida MpembyemunguRwandan Patriotic FrontNorthern Province
Valens MuhakwaSocial Democratic PartyEastern Province
Christine MuhongayireRwandan Patriotic FrontSouthern Province
Edda MukabagwizaRwandan Patriotic FrontCity of Kigali
Germaine MukabalisaWomen RepresentativeSouthern Province
Donatille MukabalisaLiberal PartyEastern Province
Jeanne Henriette MukabikinoWomen representativeWestern Province

How are deputies elected in Rwanda?

The 80-seat Chamber of Deputies is elected by two methods:

53 seats are directly elected by closed-list proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency with an electoral threshold of 5%; seats are allocated using the largest remainder method.

How many deputies are in Rwanda?

Composition. The Chamber is made up of 80 deputies.