List of Doctors in the Bahamas

List of Doctors in the Bahamas

Omala Ablack MD

Julio Acosta MD

Alphaeus Allick

Sachin Amate

Sheena Antonio-Collie MD

Timothy Barrett

Leigh Ann Bartholomew

Tyrone Bartlett

Marcia Bassett MD

Evet Benjamin-Peet

Homer Bloomfield MD

Shamanique Bodie -Williams MD

Charlyon Bonimy MD

Dane Bowe

Conville Brown MD

Flloyd Carter MD

Tamal Carroll MD

Carlton Chambers MD

What are the names of the hospitals in the Bahamas?

  • Doctors Hospital – Nassau, New Providence,25.07524530821175°N 77.33302382076954°W.
  • Epcot Medical Center – Nassau, New Providence,25.0665835246203°N 77.33544856108115°W.
  • Immuno-Augmentative Clinic – Freeport, City of Freeport.
  • Lyford Cay Hospital, Nassau, New Providence,25.032329310901275°N 77.51342654758956°W.

How many clinics are in the Bahamas?

Primary Health Care is offered through Forty-Three (43) main clinics and Sixty-One (61) satellite clinics in the Family Islands. These clinics extend from Grand Bahama to Inagua.

How much is medical in the Bahamas?

The cost of insurance plans in the Bahamas comes in a wide range that depends on your need and level of desired coverage. Basic inpatient-only plans can cost as little as USD 54 per month, while the most comprehensive Bahamas health insurance plan with high limits and benefits can be as high as USD 1,092 monthly.

What is the main hospital in the Bahamas?

About PMH | Princess Margaret Hospital

The Princess Margaret Hospital is the premier, acute tertiary care facility of The Bahamas. Built-in 1952, it was renamed in 1956 from the Bahamas General Hospital.