List of Fish in the Bahamas

List of Fish in the Bahamas

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Below is the List of Fish in the Bahamas


Nassau Grouper


Blue Tang


Blue Marlin


What kind of fish are in the Bahamas?

Fishing in Nassau, The Bahamas: The Definitive Guide | Sandals

Inshore: Smaller varieties such as yellowtail, kingfish, redfish (drum and sheepshead), snapper, and grouper. Offshore: Larger fish such as amberjack, Mako sharks, blackfin, yellowfin, wahoo, marlin, cobia, dorado, and king mackerel.

What fish can you keep in the Bahamas?

How much fish am I allowed to keep?

  • 18 pelagic fish (Any combination of Dolphin, Wahoo, Kingfish, or Tuna)
  • 10 lobsters (when in season)
  • 6 conchs.
  • 60 pounds or up to 20 demersal fish such as snappers and groupers, whichever is the lesser.

What is the fish city in the Bahamas?

Arawak Cay is known as Fish Fry Street to all those who visit Nassau. Arawak Cay is the location of a wide number of Bahamian restaurants. Traditional food, including fried fish, dominates the cay.

What are the green fish in the Bahamas?

The green moray is one of the largest of all eels. They are also the most common. Growing up to 2.5 meters long and weighing close to 30 kilograms, their bite would truly be dangerous. Fortunately, for Bahamas snorkeling, green morays never attack humans unless provoked.