List Of Media Houses In Rwanda

What is Media House?

Media House is a joint platform for independently operating companies in the fields of digital media and communication.

List Of Media Houses In Rwanda


Radio Rwanda – state-owned, broadcasts in English, French, Kinyarwanda, and Swahili.

Radio 10 – private.

Flash FM – private.

Contact FM – private.

City Radio – private.

Radio Izuba – private.

Radio Maria – Catholic.

How many media houses are there in Rwanda?

The Rwandan television industry is made of 12 TV stations. 84% of TV stations are owned by private(10 out of 12) While 8% and 8% are owned by public and Religious organizations respectively.

The state-owned Rwandan Broadcasting Agency runs the TV station Rwanda Television (RTV).

What was the first newspaper in Rwanda?

The written press “Kinyamateka”, a monthly newspaper in Kinyarwanda, published by the Catholic Church, was Rwanda’s first private media. It was created in 1933.