Malawi Adventist Application Forms

Malawi Adventist University Application Forms Download:

Malawi Adventist University (MAU) is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons for admission into the Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Programme offered at their Lakeview and Malamulo campuses.

Before you proceed to the application, Click on the links below for information:


MSCE or equivalent certificate holders who wish to join the university but have 4 or 5 credits including English may apply to attend the Bridging Course. Interested students should submit their bridging courses application forms before May 2021 to the Registrar. This course begins on June 2021 at Lakeview College. Those who succeed in this Bridging Course will join the regular Lakeview degree Programme starting on September 2021.



Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) (Four Years)

  1. Bachelor of Arts – Religious Studies

2. Bachelor of Arts – Theology (BA-Th)

3. Bachelor of Education – English Language

4. Bachelor of Education – English Literature and Religious Studies

Admission Requirements: MSCE or its equivalent with Six (6) credits including English.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Four Years)

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting

2. Bachelor of Business Administration – Management

3. Bachelor of Business Administration — Marketing

Admission Requirements: MSCE or its equivalent with Six (6) credits including English and Mathematics

Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Four Years)

  1. Bachelor of Science – Agriculture

2. Bachelor of Science – Agri-Business Management

Admission Requirements: MSCE or its equivalent with (6) credits including English, Mathematics, and any three science subjects (which could be; Agriculture, Biology, Physical Science, Home Economics, and Geography)


Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Four Years)

  1. Bachelor of Science – Public Health

2. Bachelor of Science – Medical Laboratory Sciences

3. Bachelor of Science – Nursing and Midwifery

Admission Requirements: MSCE or its equivalent with Six (6) credits including English, Mathematics, Biology and Physical science, and two other science subjects. Those with an “A” Level Certificate must have at least a grade of C in Chemistry, Biology, and either Mathematics or Physics.

Diploma (Regular) (Three Years)

  1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine

2. Diploma in Biomedical Science (Laboratory)

Admission Requirements for Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Diploma in Biomedical Science: MSCE with Six (6) Credits including English, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Biology

Diploma (Mature Entry) (One Year and Six Months) 1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine

Admission Requirements: Must have completed a two-year Medical Assistants training and be registered with the Medical council of Malawi, 3 years of working experience, and has an MSCE with 4 credits including Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, and English.

Certificate (Two Years)

1. Certificate in Clinical Medicine

Admission Requirements: MSCE with credits in any two science subjects (Mathematics, Physical Science, Biology, and Geography) and a strong pass or better in English.

NOTE: The age limit for Malamulo College Programmes is that the student should not be less than sixteen (16) years and not more than forty-five (45) years old.


Please follow the steps outlined below:

i.Download application forms at or collect application forms from MAU Blantyre Campus at Jango House in Chitawira;

ii. Complete the Application Form;

iii. Get two letters of recommendation: one from the religious leader of your denomination and another from the Head Teacher of the last school the applicant attended;

iv. Get two passport-size photographs;

v.Make a copy of the applicant’s MSCE or equivalent qualification certificate;

Submit Your Application Forms Now!

ALL Application forms should be sent to The Registrar,

Malawi Adventist University, P O Box 40,

Ntcheu – Malawi.


Deposit K10,000.00 Application fees are as follows: Malawi Adventist University

Standard Bank, Ntcheu Branch, Account number: 9100 00074 4082

Malawi Adventist University Application Forms 2021 – 2022 – Download: