Mayville State University(MSU)Tuition and Fees

Mayville State University(MSU)Tuition and Fees academic session.

The Mayville State University(MSU) Fees, Mayville State University(MSU) Cost of Attendance Mayville State University(MSU)

Tuition, Mayville State University(MSU) Tuition Calculator, Mayville State University(MSU) Tuition Payment, Mayville State University(MSU) Acceptance rate for USA Students and International Students are below.

Mayville State University(MSU) Tuition and Fees for USA Citizen/Permanent Resident is different from Tuition and Fees for International students. So student needs to check these before making payments.

The Mayville State University(MSU) . , Tuition and Fees, Mayville State University(MSU) Tuition and Fees Brochure for fresh and returning students academic session has been approved by the management of the institution. Mayville State University(MSU) . , Tuition and Fees schedule below shows the fees payable by both home and international students.

The question now is; did you select the Mayville State University(MSU) . , School during your registration? or participated in their admission screening exercise, or are you just inquisitive about Mayville State University(MSU) . , Tuition and Fees? whichever category you might fall under, you are at the right blog for the correct information.

Fresh and prospective students are always online in search of the Mayville State University(MSU) . , School tuition fee after confirming their names on the admission list even before the academic session begins.

How Much are the Mayville State University(MSU) . Tuition and Fees for the academic session

The approved Mayville State University(MSU) Tuition and Fees for the academic year for undergraduate and graduate students are based on the programme you are taking.

All students of the Mayville State University(MSU) School are advised to pay their tuition fees for the academic session early to the designated banks as approved by the school management.

Mayville State University(MSU) Tuition and Fees Brochure for Freshers

Mayville State University(MSU) School Acceptance fee is a fee that you must pay to any university or Polytechnic as a first-year student/fresher denoting that you have accepted the course and in general the admission that has been offered to you by the school.

Mayville State University(MSU) Tuition and Fees for Freshers and Continuing Students Academic Session

Mayville State University(MSU) Tuition and Fees for USA students is $7,714 and $20,574 for International students.Below is the breakdown of the Mayville State University(MSU). Tuition and Fees.





All tuition and fees costs are subject to change.  Mayville State’s academic year consists of two semesters.  At Mayville State University, 12+ semester credits enrolled per semester are the same price for on-campus classes, based on a student’s residency for tuition purposes. Online Mayville State courses, independent study courses, collaborative courses from other NDUS campuses, and courses with delivery modes other than on-campus classes are charged in addition to the full-time tuition and fees cost for 12+ on-campus classes.

All online and distance classes are charged separately at the online/distance tuition and fee rate per credit (regardless of state of residency).  The 12+ semester credit tuition cap does not apply, and online/distance students enrolled in 12 or more semester credits will pay for each semester credit enrolled.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees 2020-2021
UndergraduateNorth DakotaMinnesotaContiguous States / Provinces (SD, MT, SK, MB)MHEC States (KS, MO, NE, WI, IN, IL)All Other StatesOther Provinces & International Students
Tuition/Fees (Per Credit)$303.38$333.51$366.16$366.16$428.92$491.68
Tuition/Fees for One Academic Year$7,281.21$8,004.30$8,787.79$8,787.79$10,294.13$11,800.21
Room Per Academic Year$2,310/
Board Per Academic Year$1,600/
Distance/Online Tuition and Fees 2020-2021
Tuition/Fees (Per Credit)$314.65***$347.98***
*Depending on residence hall selection
**Depending on board contract
***Flat rate regardless of state or country of residencyRN to BSN Program tuition and fees are $368.32 per credit.Masters in Nursing & Nursing Graduate Certificates are $525.00 per credit.
Tuition and Fees Breakdown (Per Credit)
TuitionStudent FeesTechnology FeeConnectND FeeNDSATotal Tuition and Fees
TuitionStudent FeesTuition and Fees
Nursing Graduate$445.56$79.44$525.00

College Tuition Calculator

ND tuition and fee estimator (for on-campus students only)

Technology Fee: Technology fee information

Application Fee: Undergraduate students are assessed a one-time $35 fee. Graduate students are assessed a one-time $35 fee.

Student Health Fee: Up to $50 fee per term will be assessed to all degree seeking students.  This is not reflected in the above figures.

On-Campus Room Charges,
Room Year Total
4-Person Suite Agassiz$3,515.00
Double Room Birkelo/Berg (non-air)$2,445.00
Single Room Birkelo/Berg (non-air)$3,561.00
Berg Double – Air or Berg 4-person suite$3,018.00

Additional Information

Board Charges Breakdown
MSU Dining Services offers a variety of meals and “grab-and-go” items, cooked fresh throughout the day. Students purchase a plan that creates a declining balance account that is accessed by the student’s ID card.
Comet $1200$1,200.00$2,400.00
Comet $1600 (provides approx. 7 – 8 meals per week)$1,600.00$3,200.00
Comet $2250 (provides approx. 14 meals per week; students with this plan also get larger “hotdish” servings.)$2,250.00$4,500.00

Students in Residence Halls are, by default, assigned the Comet $1200, and may opt into the larger Comet $1600 or $2250 (semester allocation). Students who need more food due to appetite or the requirements of their sports participation will want to increase to the higher plan. Balances do not roll over from semester-to-semester.

  • Mayville State University(MSU) tuition and Fees Schedule for each program have been uploaded on the School’s official portal.