MES Application for Statement of Online Results and Ranking

The Mauritius Examinations Syndicate wishes to draw the attention of students and the public at large that Application and payment for Statement of Results and Statement of Ranking can be made online on the MES Website under heading E-Services on the home page.

Applicants will have to ensure that the information on the application form is correct and complete before submission. Incomplete application will not be processed.

The fees payable are detailed below:


1 Statement of Result Rs365.00
2 Statement of Ranking: Scholarship Rank Order Rs365.00
3 Statement of Ranking: Top 500 Rs365.00
4 Statement of Ranking: subjectwise- One Subject Rs365.00
5 Statement of Ranking: subjectwise- Two/Three Subjects Rs579.00
6 Statement of Ranking: subjectwise- Four Subjects Rs772.00
7 Statement of Ranking: subjectwise- Five/Six Subjects Rs1158.00

After verification of the application, the applicant will be informed by email to effect payment.

  1. Payment of fees can be made on the following account:
    State Bank of Mauritius
    Account No: 61010100001682.
    Applicants should enter “SOR” followed by their application reference number (e.g SOR 71) in the remarks
    section of the Banking payment for reconciliation purposes.
  2. Applicants will be informed when the statement is ready for collection.

MES Application for Statement of Results and Ranking