MES PSAC Online Admission in 7 Grade Evaluation & Re Assessment


of results retrieve them for 2017 December 12 the, Reduced MES to present please are schools of officials The . students for other’s and PSAC documents MES to present must Moka in and Wilhems Plains them in finding schools of officials The) i ( .00 7 hours from .hours 00 6 to go to MES to present must other regions in finding schools of officials The) ii ( their) applicable cases in (7 Grade in admission’s letters the and) slips result (results the informed are parents The .hours 00 15 to 00 9 of 2017 December 12 tell it to set’s, attend child their school’s on the same day put it back

The on hours 30 15 to 00 8 of 2017 December 12 the MES to the delivered will be their) slip result (result to them that informed are parents . identity document an presentation the postal way by sent will be their MES at the present time it will not be possible for those of) slip result (result The .2017 December 13 2018 JANUARY – 7 GRADE IN ADMISSION (applicable cases in (2018 January 7 Grade in admission’s letter a 2017 December 12 will receive it parents The : follow as ; secondary school one in admission’s letter one either :

“Extended Program” the for secondary school one in admission’s letter one is Secondary Private (private colleges of principals and rectors) Secondary State schools from the list take it for 00 8 hours from 2017 December 12 the, Reduced, MES to the present please are) Schools .2018 in respective establishments their in 7 Grade in admitted candidates (ASSESSMENT-RE passed who candidates for hours 00 9 to 2017 December 21 the organized will be) assessment-re have who and) French or mathematics, English’l in particular (compulsory subjects 2 at least including, subjects three in of letter one will receive concerned candidates.

PSAC of certificate to obtain it for subject other one in succeeding of need .MY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION indicated as “Directorates Zones” please contact them for additional information of the assets that parents want. : below 9626 405/9625 405: Tel, Louis Port, Square Rozemont Guy 5, 2 Phase, Building Aid Mutual – 1 Zone 3514 467: Tel, Bassin Beau, Street Herchenroder. F Sir – 2 Zone 0009 627: Tel, Belle Rose, Road Royal – 3 Zone 1532 468: Tel, Ebene, Heights Ebene, Floor 2nd

MES PSAC Admission in 7 Grade Evaluation & Re – Assessment