Microwave Price In Rwanda

What is Microwave?

Microwave is a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from about one meter to one millimeter corresponding to frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz respectively.

Different sources define different frequency ranges as microwaves; the above broad definition includes UHF, SHF, and EHF bands

Microwave Price In Rwanda

Von VAMG-20DGB 20L Microwave Oven Grill – Black

Price: RWF 125,000

Von VAMS-20MGW Microwave Oven Solo, 20L – White

Price: RWF 115,000

Von VAMS-20DGB 20L Microwave Oven Solo – Black

Price: RWF 123,000

How long will a microwave last?

The average microwave oven lasts about seven years with normal use, and even less with heavy use and poor maintenance.

A large family may find themselves replacing their appliance every four to five years as they become more reliant on its use to heat up snacks and leftovers or to defrost meals.

How do you maintain a microwave?

How to Clean Your Microwave and Make It Last

Be quick with the cleanup. Sponge-up spills as soon as they occur.

Turn on the exhaust fan.

Degrease the grease filter.

Don’t slam the door!

Don’t run it empty.

Avoid most metals.

Use pre-programmed cooking times.

Don’t attempt to repair the electronics yourself.

Do microwaves use a lot of electricity?

The average-sized microwave oven uses about 215 kWh of electricity per year. In terms of energy usage, the appliance’s wattage ranges from 600 to 1,500 watts.

However, because microwaves are only used for short periods of time, their overall yearly energy use is lower than what their pull would suggest.

Which uses more electricity stove or microwave?

According to the federal government’s Energy Star program, which rates appliances based on their energy efficiency, cooking or re-heating small portions of food in the microwave can save as much as 80 percent of the energy used to cook or warm them up in the oven.