Middlesex University Mauritius Mature Age Entry Application Form

Middlesex University Mauritius Mature Age Entry Application Form

You can now apply to start an undergraduate course that will give you the opportunity to experience learning alongside the world of work, preparing you for the future.

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Full-time transfer students

You can transfer from another uni into many of our full-time courses in year two or three. Check our entry requirements for transferring students and then apply through UCAS.

Nursing and midwifery courses

For nursing and midwifery applications, we’ll contact you within six weeks to let you know if you are shortlisted for an interview.

Advice for your application

Support from our team – check out our online resources about writing your personal statement and more

Help from UCAS – find articles and videos to support your application on their website.

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Use our enquiry form

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Part-time courses

To study part-time on our undergraduate courses on a part-time basis then you need to apply directly to Middlesex using our Online Applicant Portal.

When you create an Applicant Portal account, you can submit your application and track its progress. You can also upload your supporting documents, portfolio or show-reel and make subsequent applications.

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Part-time transfer students

To transfer into a part-time course in year two or three from another university, you also need to create an account for our Online Applicant Portal.

For other applicants

With work experience

We might be able to recognise your work experience or previous learning as part of our entry requirements and even award it towards your degree. Find out more about what previous learning is eligible and how to claim.

Mature applicants

We welcome your application to study with us as a mature student. You are considered mature if you are over the age of 21 and you didn’t go to university after school or college.

We will consider your application on an individual basis and we may also invite you to an interview to get to know more about you.

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