National Examinations Council Republic Of South Sudan

The Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan has been clearly spelt out that basic education must be free and compulsory to all children. It is, therefore, the mandate of the Ministry of General Education and Instruction to ensure translation enactment into actual deeds.

MoGEI is also mandated to develop appropriate policies and strategies for guaranteeing this noble task and to ensure that other related roles such as the oversight and equity issues are dealt with properly. These tasks are to be delivered by the seven Directorates of the Ministry, one secretariat, two centers and a Teachers’ Development and Management Services and their respective departments through the stewardship of the Honorable Minister and Honorable Undersecretary.

It’s been a long two years since these children were able to sit a primary school final. Now that the test has been reinstated, students like Nyaruon are doubling down on their studies so they can be prepared for the future.

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Organization Structure
State Ministries of Education

The Ministry is made up of many directorates and departments.  For more information on the employees click here.

Here is the Administration structure of the Ministry, General Education Sector: Organogram of The Ministry General Education Sector