Northeastern State University Admission Scholarship

Beginning academic year , in-state students that are admitted by February 1, will automatically be awarded one of our four-year academic waivers if they qualify! Want an early scholarship offer? If you are admitted by December 1 and you qualify for one of the scholarships below, you will receive an offer by the end of December. Students admitted after the February 1 deadline, will only be awarded if funds are available.

ScholarshipACT/SAT ScoreHigh School GPAAmount Per YearDuration
Collegiate Scholars*26 (1230-1250)3.25$2,2004 Years
Valedictorian Scholars*N/A4.0 AND Class Rank of 1$1,8004 Years
Green & White Scholars*20-25 (1030-1220)3.25$1,4004 Years

*Must be an Oklahoma Resident in order to receive these waivers.
Students can only be awarded one of the above tuition waivers.
Out-of-state students are only eligible for our foundation scholarships.

Fill out our General Scholarship Application in order to apply for our private donor foundation scholarships.

The foundation scholarships vary in requirement and amount. They are available to both in-state and out-of-state students. This one application will place you in the running for the scholarships that you qualify for. Please complete the scholarship application by March 1 for consideration. 


The Honors Scholarship Application for the school year is now closed! Please check back in September for Honors Scholarship Application information.  

The Honors Program at Northeastern State University is a challenging educational option for academically talented students who enjoy learning. Honor students work with distinguished faculty members and peers in enhanced courses, pursue independent research, and participate in co-curricular cultural experiences. One of the benefits of being an Honors Student can include receiving one of our three academic honors scholarships. 

By completing this application, you are applying for all three NSU Honors Scholarships:

  • Baccalaureate Scholars
    • Each year, a select number of entering freshmen from the state of Oklahoma are selected as Baccalaureate Scholars. Students must demonstrate exceptional academic achievements while in high school. Eligibility is based on a composite ACT score, GPA, exceptional class rank, or status as a National Merit Semifinalist or Commended Student.
  • Academic Scholars
    • Oklahoma students automatically qualify for the Academic Scholars Program by being named a Presidential Scholar by the United States Department of Education, a National Merit Scholar or National Merit Finalist, or by scoring in the 99th percentile of the American College Testing Program. In addition to automatic qualifiers, five additional academic scholars are selected each year. 
  • Northeastern Honors Scholars
    • Each year, a select number of entering freshmen are selected as Northeastern Honors Scholars. Students must demonstrate exceptional academic achievements while in high school.
ScholarshipACT/SAT ScoreHigh School GPAAmount Per YearDuration
Baccalaureate Scholars*’30 (1360-1380)3.5$13,2004 Years
Academic Scholars*’28 (1300-1320)3.8$12,6004 Years
Northeastern Honors’28 (1300-1320)3.5$11,2004 Years

Each Honors scholarship has a tuition waiver that will cover up to 18 hours of tuition each semester, a $1500 housing waiver (for on-campus housing only) per semester, and a cash stipend that varies per scholarship ($1500 Baccalaureate, $1200 Academic, $500 Northeastern Honors) that will apply each semester. 
‘These scholarships are awarded to incoming freshman only.
*Academic Scholars and Baccalaureate Scholars are only awarded to Oklahoma residents.
Students can only receive one of the above scholarships. 

Honors Application Deadline: February 1
Student must be admitted by the scholarship deadline.