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Northeastern State University (NSU) is a public university with its main campus in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. The university also has two other campuses in Muskogee and Broken Arrow as well as online. Northeastern is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of Oklahoma as well as one of the oldest institutions of higher learning west of the Mississippi River.

Tahlequah is home to the capital of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and about 25 percent of the students at NSU identify themselves as American Indian.

The university has many courses focused on Native American linguistics, and offers Cherokee language Education as a major.[7] Cherokee can be studied as a second language, and some classes are taught in Cherokee for first language speakers as well.


On May 7, 1851, the Cherokee Nation founded the Cherokee National Female Seminary at Tahlequah, the same year that it opened a male seminary in its territory. This was after its removal to Indian Territory and part of its building institutions to support its future.

On March 6, 1909, after statehood, the State Legislature of Oklahoma passed an act providing for the creation and location of Northeastern State Normal School at Tahlequah, Oklahoma for the training of teachers. For this purpose, it purchased from the Cherokee Tribal Government the building, land, and equipment of the Cherokee Female Seminary.

In 1921, the name was changed to Northeastern State Teachers College as it had expanded to a full four-year curriculum.[6] In the 1950s Northeastern emerged as a comprehensive state college, broadening its curriculum at the baccalaureate level to encompass liberal arts subjects and adding a fifth-year program designed to prepare master teachers for elementary and secondary schools.

With addition of graduate-degree programs, in 1974, the Oklahoma Legislature authorized changing the name of the institution from Northeastern State College to Northeastern Oklahoma State University; in 1985 it authorized a change in name to Northeastern State University. In 1979, NSU opened its College of Optometry, making it one of 14 schools in the United States to offer a doctorate degree in that field.

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To be admitted to NSU as a freshman you must have: Maintained a four-year high school grade-point average of 2.7 or higher on a 4.0 grading scale and ranked scholastically among the upper 50% of your graduating class, or. A 2.7 GPA in the 15 high school courses required for college entry, or.

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The Northeastern State RiverHawks are the sports teams of Northeastern State University located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Northeastern State RiverHawks
UniversityNortheastern State University
ConferenceThe MIAA
NCAADivision II
Athletic directorMatt Cochran