Number Of Constituencies In Mauritius

Constituencies of Mauritius are the electoral boundaries within the Republic of Mauritius. They are also commonly referred to as Circonscriptions amongst the locals. The country follows the Westminster system and elects 60 members of parliament for a term of 5 years.

There are all 21 Constituencies in the republic, each of them returning 3 members with the exception of Constituency No. 21, which returns only 2 members. The Constitution stipulates that there shall be 20 constituencies and one created specially for Rodrigues Island.

Number Of Constituencies In Mauritius

Those electoral boundaries are considered to be the main pillars for elections as they allow members of parliament to be elected and thus to form the government. As mentioned in the Constitution, the Electoral Boundaries Commission shall review the boundaries of the constituencies at such times as will enable them to present a report to the Assembly 10 years, as near as may be, after 12 August 1966 and, thereafter, 10 years after the presentation of their last report.

Constituency NoName of the ConstituenciesElectoral PopulationEthnic majority
1Grand River North West and Port Louis West40,572Creole / Hindu
2Port Louis South and Port Louis Central24,642Muslim / Sino Mauritian / Creole
3Port Louis Maritime and Port Louis East22,488Muslim
4Port Louis North and Montagne Longue46,179Hindu / Creoles
5Pamplemousses and Triolets56,620Hindu
6Grand Baie and Poudre d’Or48,379BLD
7Piton and Riviere du Rempart40,624Hindu
8Quartier Militaire and Moka41,342Hindu
9Flacq and Bon Accueil50,883BLD
10Montagne Blanche and Grand River South East47,296Hindu
11Vieux Grand Port and Rose Belle39,432Hindu
12Mahebourg and Plaine Magnien36,242Hindu
13Riviere des Anguilles and Souillac33,169Muslim / Hindu / Creole
14Savanne and Black River58,341Creole / Hindu
15La Caverne and Phoenix53,548Muslim/Hindu/Creole
16Vacoas and Floreal44,053Hindu / Creole
17Curepipe and Midlands45,346Mauritian
18Belle Rose and Quatre Bornes42,173Mauritian
19Stanley and Rose Hill38,982Mauritian
20Beau Bassin and Petite Riviere42,656Mauritian

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What is the electoral system in Mauritius?

Electoral system

Of the 70 MPs, 62 are elected by plurality in 21 multi-member electoral districts: 20 districts with three members each and one district (Rodrigues) with two members. Voters can vote for up to three (or two) candidates in their district (Plurality block voting).