Oklahoma Panhandle State University Admission Scholarship

Applying for Academic Scholarships

Automatic Scholarship Application!

First-time incoming student applications include the application for academic scholarships.

Academic scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. Automatic application does not imply automatic award.

Academic scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. Automatic application does not imply automatic award.

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Types of Academic Scholarships

Dorm Scholarships


Outstanding Student

Educational Achievement Award

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship:

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis by the Dean, advisor, or professor of each college. Scholarship awards are based on the student’s credentials during the admission process to the university. Automatic application for a scholarship does not guarantee an automatic award. Students must meet the above criteria, be accepted to the university, and respond to the offer in a timely manner. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All offer letters will be sent from Financial Aid Office via email. The official deadline to accept a scholarship offer is May 1 of each year. Awards not accepted after this deadline will be revoked. Any offers made after May 1 will have a 15-day deadline for acceptance.

Students must sign and return the scholarship contract and adhere to the initial and renewable criteria in order to be awarded the aid on their financial aid package. Full-time enrollment is expected of all academic scholarship recipients.

Scholarship Criteria

This scholarship is for students who will be enrolled FULL TIME at OPSU in in a traditional education degree pathway.

After successful application and acceptance, the student must:

Maintain continuous enrollment at Oklahoma Panhandle State University in an education pathway.

Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and/or satisfactory academic standing within the program of study.

Successfully complete at least 15 credit hours each for each spring and fall semester.

Length of scholarship eligibility will be determined by the classification of the student. Freshmen will be eligible for a term that does not exceed 4.5 years, sophomores 3.5 years, juniors 2.5 years, and seniors 1.5 years.

Maintain student conduct codes as cited in the OPSU Student Handbook.

Submit a completed FAFSA that includes the OPSU code number by the deadline.

Commit to work as a classroom teacher in an Oklahoma panhandle public school for two years.