Oklahoma Panhandle State University Tuition And Fees

The tuition & fees of Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU) are $7,490 for Oklahoma residents and $8,234 for out-of-state students. 77% of enrolled undergraduate students have received grants or scholarship aid and the average grant amount is $5,555.

After receiving the financial aid, the net price is $9,228 for Oklahoma residents and $9,972 for out-of-state students including tuition, fees, books & supplies costs, and living costs. The tuition and fees are much lower than the average amount of similar schools’ tuition ($16,834 – Public Baccalaureate College – Diverse Fields) based on out-of-state tuition rate.

The 2022 tuition & fees have significantly risen this year (more than 10%) at OPSU. You can check the college costs – COA, 4 Years Costs, and Interactive Tuition Chart for OPSU.

YearIn-StateOut-of-StateOn Campus Room & Board, Other Expenses

Tuition & Fees for 4 Years

How Much is the tuition for 4 years at OPSU?

For the students who were admitted in Fall , the estimated tuition for 4 years is $30,927 for Oklahoma residents and $33,902 for out-of-state students.

Since the tuition & fees at Oklahoma Panhandle State University have risen very slightly (very lower than national average) over the last 4 years, the actual costs may differ from the estimation based on the school or University system’s new tuition policy.

The estimation excludes the book, supplies, and living costs before receiving any financial aid. See the other tabs for estimating 4-year total costs of attendance and after financial aid. The next table shows the estimated 4-years tuition & fees for the next 5 admission years. The estimation is based on 4-years changes in tuition & fees at the school.

ResidencyFreshmenSophomoreJuniorSenior4 Years Total
Class of 2026 (Admission Fall 2022)In-State$7,586$7,682$7,780$7,879$30,927
Class of 2027 (Admission Fall 2023)In-State$7,682$7,780$7,879$7,980$31,322
Class of 2028 (Admission Fall 2024)In-State$7,780$7,879$7,980$8,082$31,721
Class of 2029 (Admission Fall 2025)In-State$7,879$7,980$8,082$8,185$32,125
Class of 2030 (Admission Fall 2026)In-State$7,980$8,082$8,185$8,289$32,535