Oregon State University Tuition And Fees

Oregon State University Ecampus students are never charged at nonresident rates, meaning your tuition is the same if you live in the state of Oregon or anywhere else in the world.

All Ecampus tuition and fee information is available on Oregon State’s Finance and Administration website – you can use the official tuition and fees tables to compare OSU Ecampus and OSU Portland tuition to the on-campus rates. Note that the Oregon resident and nonresident on-campus rates include mandatory fees (for building, incidental and health service) per credit.

Tuition Comparison Charts

Use the charts below to compare Ecampus tuition and fees to the on-campus resident and nonresident rates for the academic year.

Undergraduate tuition rates – new students 

 1 credit3 credits6 credits12 credits15 credits
OSU Ecampus/OSU Portland$331.00$993.00$1,986.00$3,972.00$4,965.00
Oregon resident on campus$936.71$1,410.71$2,121.71$3,543.71$4,227.71
Nonresident on campus$1,621.71$2,995.71$5,056.71$9,178.71$11,212.71