Penn State Scranton First-Year Student Application Process

How to Apply

1. Create a My Penn State Account

MyPennState is where future students can establish a Penn State ID and access the online application. Learn how to create a MyPennState profile.  

2. Start Your Application

Students can apply by using any of the applications listed below:

3. Self-Reported Academic Record

We require all first-year students to self-report their high school grades in place of sending a transcript, regardless of which application you submit.

The SRAR includes all of your high school coursework for grades 9-11 and your grade 12 course schedule. If your senior grades are available when you submit the SRAR, you should include them as well.

  1. Obtain an copy of your high school transcript to ensure accurate entry of the coursework completed and grades earned
  2. Log in to your My Penn State Profile and navigate to the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) section on your
  3. Complete the SRAR

See Step by Step Tutorial: How to Complete SRAR

4. Test Scores – Optional for

SAT and ACT scores must be sent to Penn State directly from the appropriate testing agencies.

  • Penn State’s SAT Code: 2660
  • Penn State’s ACT Code: 3656

5. Check Your Status

Your application will be complete once these materials are received.

Login to your MyPennState account to check check your application status.