Penn State World Campus


Type :Distance learning

Established :1998

Parent institution :Pennsylvania State University

Students: 14,687

Undergraduates: 8,360

Postgraduates: 6,327

Location :University Park (admin. office), Pennsylvania, United States of America

Penn State World Campus is the online campus of Pennsylvania State University. Launched in 1998, World Campus grew out of the university’s long and distinguished history in distance education that began in 1892.

The mission of World Campus is to extend Penn State’s undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs to learners who cannot attend another Penn State campus because of geography or life factors.


Penn State started offering distance education courses in 1892, when it launched one of the nation’s first correspondence study programs to farmers around Pennsylvania. More than one hundred years later, in 1998, the University reaffirmed its commitment to providing accessible learning to all who need it with the launching of Penn State World Campus.

One of several roots underpinning the policy decision to establish World Campus was a decade of experimentation at The American Centre for Study of Distance Education in the College of Education, in which Professor Michael G. Moore developed and taught some of the world’s first online courses, including cadres of students in several cities in Mexico and Europe as well as the USA.

Penn State Vice-President Jim Ryan became persuaded of the quality of the pedagogy being developed in these courses and in 1992 he commissioned the setting up of a University-wide Task Force to study the potential of a major initiative, the conclusion being that “The Task Force firmly believes that there is a very real possibility that national and international preeminence in distance education may prove to be a prerequisite to national and international preeminence in most other areas of academic enterprise.” Moore led the development of the first World Campus Master’s degree courses in adult education.

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Is Penn State World Campus legit?

Even the same student ID. Penn State World Campus is the real Penn State. Many students and prospective students often ask how Penn State World Campus compares to THE Penn State. Well, they are the same!.

Is Penn State World Campus hard to get into?

It is a small institution with an enrollment of 2,564 undergraduate students. Admissions is fairly competitive as the Penn State Online acceptance rate is 54%.