Rhodes University Tuition And Fees Structure

Rhodes University Tuition Fee

Block fees The regulations of the various faculties prescribe the number of courses full-time students are normally expected to take in each year of their curriculum. Unless otherwise stated, the annual block fees include tuition fees for classes and laboratories, fees for ordinary University examinations and library fees for the normal number of courses. Full-time students taking fewer than the normal number of courses in any given year will still be liable for the full block fee.


Additional courses Subject to the regulations of the various Faculties, undergraduate students may take in any year one course more than the normal number prescribed for that year of their curriculum without extra charge. 

Full-time postgraduate students may take in any year one undergraduate course free of charge, provided that they have obtained the prior approval of their head of department and of the Dean of the Faculty, and provided that a postgraduate student in Law may take first year courses in any one language subject in any year without extra charge. The undergraduate course becomes payable separately once deregistered from full-time course.

Cost of meals:

Meals for Oppidans (Students who live off-campus) Meal options available are breakfast, lunch and supper on weekdays and weekends. The costs vary: Breakfast                    R15.76                                Lunch/Supper            42.40 (each) Meals for residence students: Breakfast                    R12.04                                 Lunch/Supper           R28.36 (each)


  • Must be paid at the start of each semester for ordinary examinations written by students returning to write on extended DP certificates.
  • Students who fail to provide acceptable identification at examinations will be fined R315.00 per exam session.


New students- SA and InternationalFees
Application fee: up to 30 September (SA and International applicants)100
Tuition Acceptance Fee          (non- refundable)800
Residence Acceptance Fee     (non-refundable )1,000
Initial Fee Payments
Returning students – SA and International
Initial Fee Payments
Master’s Internship research: Psychology3,815
PhD retrospective registrationper year17,662
Late registration: not in attendance on prescribed date1,704
Examination fees
Supplementary examinations:
Per course or half course1,345
Per subsidiary course (PGCE)370
Extended DP examinations – per course1,345
– per half course834
Extended DP Initial Fee Payment735
Initial Fee Payment: Special categories including upgrading NCP’s  735
Current Students:
Transcripts (First academic transcript request, no charge, each for the June and December examination session. Any further request)  78
Transcripts with Course Outlines89
Cost of Transcript141
Cost of Course Outline10
Cost of Letters of Completion57
Cost of Transcript and Letters of Completion198
Cost of Transcript with Course Outlines151
Re-scrutinysee note 42,064
Copy of Script229
Other Penalties/Levies
Foreign Drafts Levy/ Dishonored Cheques/ Unpaid Debit Order224
Failure to produce ID at examinations/Cell phone ringing at exams328



BA (Please note: students not registered for BJourn who take Journ 2,3,or 4 courses will  be charged the BJourn degree fee)  52 553
BA Foundation Course : first two yearsper year38 144
First three yearsper year57 496
Fourth year46 054
BCom57 496
BCom Foundation Course: first two yearsper year41 534
BEcon57 496
BEd52 485
BFineArtsee also other fees52 553
BJourn (Please note: the equipment levy for students studying Journalism 2, 3, 4 & Diploma has been included in the Journalism tuition fee)
First year52 553
Second year     (includes equipment levy)61 665
Third year         (includes equipment levy)66 299
Fourth year        (includes equipment levy)67 923
BMus : all years of study (see also other fees)per year55 661
First year            (Professional Indemnity, SAPC Registration, Professional Coat, Name Badges, Handouts and Printing Material)56 714
Second year      (Professional Indemnity, SAPC Annual Fee, SAMF Book, Handouts and Printing Material)60 002
Third year          (Professional Indemnity, SAPC Annual Fee, Handouts and Printing Material)61 697
Fourth year        (SAPC Annual Fee, Handouts and Printing Material)64 694
BSc54 673
BSc Foundation Course: first two yearsper year37 577
BSc (Information Systems)57 496
BSocSc52 553
BSocSc : Foundation Courseper year38 144
LLB58 952
Please note: A student who takes Comp Sci 2 or 3 or Information Systems 2 or 3 and is NOT registered  for a BAcc, BBusSc, BCom, BEcon, BSc (InfSys) or BScD degree will be charged an additional tuition fee of R2 605.00
Residence fees during vacations: April  recess: (Inc. meals) Early arrivals or late departures: (Inc. meals)per day per day232 144
MISCELLANEOUS FEES –          Loss of room key –          Failure to return room key : the end of  2nd and 4th terms –          Loss of cupboard key –          Additional length bed267 267 526 144
(D) MISCELLANEOUS FEES                                                                            Fees
Exemptions :          Per course750
Per half course412
Certificates           see note 6
Certified statements of course on application: Pre-1982469
Replacement degree or diploma certificate792
Amended degree parchment792
Supporting transcript documentation- Fee on application to Academic Administration
Student identity and meal cards229
Dallas Chip120
Printing vouchers (optional)see note 3
Photocopying vouchers (optional)see note 3
Off-campus Student Network accesssee note 9438
IT consumables such as USB flash sticks and external harddrivessee note 8
Financial Mail Subscription (for Economics Students)per yearTo be advised
Visiting Research Students :per year2 491
per semester1 261
per term651
Additional music instruction
Registered music students taking instruction beyond that required by regulation8 886
All students not registered: music degree/diploma12 065
Occasional studentsper courseas for single course fees
Continuing education and casual students per course5 170