SEAB O-level Syllabus Singapore

GCE O-Level

The Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-Level) examination is an annual national examination that is taken by school and private candidates in Singapore.

Here are the 2021 PSLE examination formats.

Please note that from 2017, the oral examination for both Standard and Foundation Mother Tongue Languages will be conducted in the e-Examination format. Check out this online tutorial to understand the revised examination format.

English LanguageEnglish0001
Chinese LanguageChinese0005
Malay LanguageMalay0006
Tamil LanguageTamil0007
Panjabi LanguagePanjabi0010
Hindi LanguageHindi0011
Gujarati LanguageGujarati0012
Bengali LanguageBengali0013
Urdu LanguageUrdu0014
Higher Chinese LanguageChinese0015
Higher Malay LanguageMalay0016
Higher Tamil LanguageTamil0017
Foundation Panjabi LanguagePanjabi0020
Foundation Hindi LanguageHindi0021
Foundation Gujarati LanguageGujarati0022
Foundation Bengali LanguageBengali0023
Foundation Urdu LanguageUrdu0024
Foundation Chinese LanguageChinese0025
Foundation Malay LanguageMalay0026
Foundation Tamil LanguageTamil0027
Foundation English LanguageEnglish0031
Foundation MathematicsEnglish0038
Foundation ScienceEnglish0039

More information about the GCE O-Level examination is available below

Examination Timetable

Statement of Results

As the examination certificates are controlled documents, no replacement certificates will be issued if you lose them.

You may retrieve your past years’ examination results in digital format through your Skills Passport of your MySkillsFuture portal, if you are a Singpass holder. Please refer to the section titled ‘Past years’ examination results in digital form’ for more information.

For non-Singpass holders, or if your results are not available through MySkillsFuture portal, you can purchase a Statement of Results (SOR). Please access here for the purchase procedures and related fees.

Follow the step below to check the results.

  1. Step 1: Open the internet browser on your laptop or mobile.
  2. Step 3: Select “Examination” as “PSLE”
  3. Step 4: Select “Year” as “2021”
  4. Step 5: Enter your PLSE Exam “The center number”
  5. Step 6: Enter “The student’s candidate number”
  6. Step 7: Now Enter ” The student’s surname”

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