South African Theological Seminary Courses Offered

List of Courses Offered at South African Theological Seminary

The South African Theological Seminary offers a wide variety of full-time courses as listed below:


  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Higher Certificate in Christian Life
  • Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling


  • Postgraduate Overview
  • Postgraduate Faculty
  • Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theology
  • Master of Theology

Courses Information

1. Higher Certificate in Christian Life (120 credits, NQF 5). The HCCL is similar to the first year of the BTh. It is ideal for those seeking solid foundations for life and ministry. It doubles as a gateway into tertiary education for students who do not meet the entry requirements for the BTh.

2.Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling (120 credits, NQF 5). The HCCL is a comprehensive programme for lay and pastoral counsellors.

3.Bachelor of Theology (360 credits, NQF 7). The BTh is a three-year degree in theology. We presently offer a general BTh, which is ideal for pastors, missionaries, and Bible teachers, and a specialisation in Christian counselling.

4.Bachelor of Theology Honours (360 credits, NQF 8). The BTh Hons is a first postgraduate degree. It builds on a BTh and prepares students for theological research in the MTh.

5.Master of Divinity (240 credits, NQF 9), forthcoming. The MDiv is designed to meet the need of pastors for advanced practial training. The programme is ideal for second-career pastors, since access does not require that your previous qualifications be in theology.

6.Master of Theology (180 credits, NQF 9). The MTh is a research degree in which you specialise in a particular field of theological studies. It is ideal for those aspiring to teach theology and is the pathway towards the PhD in theology.

7.Doctor of Philosophy (360 credits, NQF 10). The PhD is a terminal research degree. Our PhD is dissertation-based, Course costs will vary.

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