South Dakota State University Courses Offered

Undergraduate degrees are offered in more than 70 majors. Explore endless possibilities for your future career through the listing of majors below, or our explore majors and careers page. Consult academic advising guide sheets to understand specific course requirements for any degree. Price estimates by major are also available.

Are you waiting for your major to present itself to you? If you are, you are not alone. Many students who enter South Dakota State University do so without declaring a major. To assist you in deciding on a major, you will participate in the Exploratory Studies program.

Undergraduate Majors


Advertising (B.A./B.S.)

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (B.S.)

Agricultural Business (B.S.)

Agricultural Education, Communication and Leadership (B.S.) – Agricultural Education Specialization

Agricultural Education, Communication and Leadership (B.S.) – Communication Specialization

Agricultural Education, Communication and Leadership (B.S.) – Leadership Specialization

Agricultural Science (A.S.)

Agricultural Science (B.S.)

Agricultural Systems Technology (B.S.)

Agronomy (B.S.)

American Indian and Indigenous Studies (B.A.)

Animal Science (B.S.) – Food Animal Health Specialization

Animal Science (B.S.) – Industry Relations Specialization

Animal Science (B.S.) – Production Management Specialization

Animal Science (B.S.) – Science Specialization

Architecture (B.F.A.)

Aviation (B.S.) – Aviation Education Specialization

Aviation (B.S.) – Aviation Maintenance Management Specialization

Biochemistry (B.S.)

Biology (B.S.)

Biology (B.S.) – Secondary Education Specialization

Biotechnology (B.S.)

Business Economics (B.A./B.S.)

Chemistry (B.S.)

Chemistry Education (B.S.)

Civil Engineering (B.S.)

Communication Studies (B.A./B.S.)

Communication Studies (B.A./B.S.) – Speech Education Specialization

Community and Public Health (B.S.)

Community and Regional Planning (B.S.)

Computer Science (B.S.)

Concrete Industry Management (B.S.)

Conservation Planning and Park Management (B.S.)

Conservation Planning and Park Management (B.S.) – Park Administration and Management Specialization

Construction Management (B.S.)

Construction Technology (A.S.)

Consumer Affairs (B.S.) – Consumer Services Management Specialization

Consumer Affairs (B.S.) – Family Financial Management Specialization

Criminology (B.A./B.S.)

Dairy Manufacturing (B.S.)

Dairy Manufacturing (B.S.) – Microbiology Specialization

Dairy Production (B.S.)

Data Science (A.S.)

Data Science (B.S.)

Early Childhood Education (B.S.) – Birth to 8 Specialization

Early Childhood Education (B.S.) – Cooperative Elementary Education Program with DSU

Early Education and Care (B.S.)

Ecology and Environmental Science (B.S.)

Ecology and Environmental Science (B.S.) – Rangeland Ecology and Management Specialization

Economics (B.A./B.S.)

Economics (B.S.) – Agricultural Economics Specialization

Electrical Engineering (B.S.)

Electronics Engineering Technology (B.S.)

Engineering Technology (A.S.)

English (B.A.)

English (B.A.) – English Education Specialization

English (B.A.) – Writing Specialization

Entrepreneurial Studies (B.A./B.S.)

Exercise Science (B.S.)

Family and Consumer Sciences Education (B.S.)

Fashion Studies and Retail Merchandising (B.S.)

Food Science (B.S.)

French Studies (B.A.)

French Studies (B.A.) – Teaching Specialization

General Studies (A.A.)

General Studies (B.G.S.)

Geographic Information Sciences (B.S.)

Geography (B.A./B.S.)

German (B.A.)

German (B.A.) – Teaching Specialization

Global Studies (B.A.)

Graphic Design (B.F.A.)

History (B.A./B.S.)

History (B.A./B.S.) – Teaching Specialization

Horticulture (B.S.)

Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management (B.S.)

Human Biology (B.S.)

Human Development and Family Services (A.S.)

Human Development and Family Studies (B.S.)

Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A./B.S.)

Interior Design (B.F.A.)

Journalism (B.A./B.S.)

Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.)

Leadership and Management of Nonprofit Organizations (B.S.)

Mathematics (B.S.)

Mathematics (B.S.) – Data Science Specialization

Mathematics (B.S.) – Teaching Specialization

Mechanical Engineering (B.S.)

Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) – Aerospace Engineering Specialization

Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.)

Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.) – Accelerated Program

Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.) – Upward Mobility Program

Microbiology (B.S.)

Music (B.A.) – Music Entrepreneurship Specialization

Music (B.A.) – Music Studies Specialization

Music Education (B.M.E.)

Natural Resource Law Enforcement (B.S.)

Nursing (B.S.N.)

Nursing (B.S.N.) – Accelerated Program

Nursing (B.S.N.) – RN to B.S.N.

Nutrition and Dietetics (B.S.)

Operations Management (B.S.)

Pharmaceutical Sciences (B.S.)/Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Physical Education Teacher Education (B.S.)

Physics (B.S.)

Physics (B.S.) – Science Teaching Specialization

Political Science (B.A./B.S.)

Precision Agriculture (B.S.)

Psychology (B.A./B.S.)

Psychology (B.A./B.S.) – Teaching Specialization

Public Relations (B.A./B.S.)

Respiratory Care (A.S.)

Respiratory Care (B.S.)

Sociology (A.S.)

Sociology (B.A./B.S.)

Sociology (B.S.) – Teaching Specialization

Spanish (B.A.)

Spanish (B.A.) – Teaching Specialization

Sport and Recreation Management (B.S.)

Studio Art (B.F.A.) – Art Education Specialization

Studio Art (B.F.A.) – Ceramics Specialization

Studio Art (B.F.A.) – Painting Specialization

Studio Art (B.F.A.) – Printmaking Specialization

Studio Art (B.F.A.) – Sculpture Specialization

Theatre (B.A./B.S.)

Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences (B.S.)