Southeastern Oklahoma State University Tuition And Fees

The university works hard to provide high-quality education which is affordable and accessible to everyone.

The tuition and fee cost at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU), Durant, Oklahoma, is $6,750 for in-state applicants and each program varies due to several factors like technology requirements and program type. It is also subjected to a revise every year. The average total tuition cost for a Master’s degree is $10,160.There are plenty of programs offered in the traditional format.

It offers 25 programs across 3 disciplines entirely in the online format. The majors offered include Business Management, Education, and History.

All the programs are designed in order to get foundational knowledge and required skills which you can implement immediately in the job market. Some of the programs offered are given below.

Master of Business Administration – Safety.

Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurship.

Master of Education in Educational Leadership.

Master of Education in School Counseling.

Master of Business Administration – Marketing.

Master of Science in Native American Leadership.

Some of the major online programs offered by the University are; Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Early Intervention and Childhood Development, English, General Business, Hospitality Management, Liberal and Applied Studies, Management, Marketing, Occupational Safety, and Health Organizational and Strategic Communication, Recreation Sports Management.

Total Cost of Attendance

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$6,750$15,390
Book & Supplies$1,000$1,000
Room & Board cost$6,784$6,784
Other Expenses$2,896$2,896
Total Cost of Attendance$17,430$26,070

The average annual cost to attend the University varies depending upon the program an applicant applies for. The Total Cost to Attend is $17,430 for In-state applicants and $26,070 for Out-state applicants.

The in-state tuition and fee cost is $6,750 and $15,390 for the out-state applicants, $1,000 for books and supplies, $6,784 for room and board, and $2,896 for other expenses.

Student Loans

Example Loans


Stafford Loan Interest


Time to Pay off Student Loan

10 years

Example monthly payment


Total interest paid


Sum of Loan Payments


To have a realistic understanding of how much it will cost to study at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) here is an example one can consider to estimate the payment amounts one will incur with a student loan. Take a loan of $31,968 for example. This will result in a $3,684 payment to be made each year.

We can assume that the interest rate is 4% post any refinancing or consolidation activities with a 10 years repayment plan. Then the total payment made towards the loan is $39,811 which is $7,843 in addition to the principal amount, which constitutes the interest payment made throughout the life of the loan.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$6,750$15,390
Room & Board Cost$6,784$6,784
Total Tuition & Fees$13,534$22,174

The total undergraduate in-state tuition and out-state tuition comes to $13,534 and $22,174 respectively. The cost here is excluded from room and board. You have to pay a UG Room & Board cost for both in-state & out-state amount to $6,784.

Graduate Tuition and Fees


For students who are looking for graduate programs at this university, here is the total tuition and fees you would pay.

The graduate tuition in-state and out-state are $4,716 and $10,872 respectively. The graduation fees for both in-state and out-state is $306.

Cost Per Credit Hour

DegreeYearCost per Credit hour
Graduate2018 – 2019$262
Undergraduate2018 – 2019$208

The total program cost divided by the total number of credit hours of the program – also called cost per credit hour – that the student has to pay to attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University varies for graduate and undergraduate courses. The students, who enroll for graduate courses, will have to bear a cost per credit hour of $85.

Campus Housing Expenses

Housing & other expensesOn CampusOff Campus
Room & Board$6,784$5,544
Other Expense$2,896$3,760
Book & Supplies$1,000$1,000

The question that pops up in every student’s mind when admitted to any university is where to live? It’s the decision that involves money in it and most of the college charges a lot for housing, Also, the living campus would be very expensive. So, here is how the University charges its students if they prefer living on campus.

The total room & board and other expenses for on-campus candidates are around $6,784 and $2,896 respectively. Whereas, it is $5,544 and $3,760 for those who are off-campus.

Online Degree Programs, Tuition and Cost Per Credit Summary

Degree TypeTotal Average TuitionAverage Tuition Per Credit

Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) offers 25 online programs across 3 Majors.