Swaziland Institute of Management and Public Administration Eswatini Mature Age Entry Application Form

The Mature age entry admission is another alternative route of gaining your intended qualifications. For one to qualify for consideration through this route, they should have these attributes:

(a) They should be 22 years or older on the first day of the University academic year in which admission is sought;

(b) The person should have completed the Swaziland General Certificate of Secondary Education or International General Certificate of Secondary Education (SGCSE/IGCSE) or any other equivalent qualification with at least four (4) passes;

(c) A person who has previously been admitted to study at the University for a certain programme and did not pass it, may not be admitted through this route for that programme which they did not pass;

(d) A person who satisfies conditions (a) to (c) above will be required to sit a Special Entrance examination which will consist of a general paper and a special paper in the wished-for field of study;

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SIMPA courses are mainly created for the public servants of the Kingdom of Swaziland. Download Swaziland Institute of Management and Public Administration Application Form here