Swaziland Institute of Management & Policy studies Mature Age Entry Application Form

A candidate must be at least 22 years or older (born on or before 10th August, 2000) on the
first day (10th August, 2022) of the University Academic year in which admission is
sought. (A copy of birth certificate or National Identity card is required when submitting an

Students can access their current and past academic results online through the SMS platform and the ICASONLINE. Access to granted to all registered students through the IT helpdesk.

IDM adopted the COL Campus e-learning platform to promote the exchange of learning and assessment content to suit different course delivery modes as driven by our strategic intent.

Find the comprehensive list of all on offer for the 2021 calendar year.

Read more Modules Corvered Eswatini 2021 long programmes

Find the comprehensive list of all on offer for the 2021 academic year.

Read more Modules Corvered

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc: IT)

Course Duration: 4 years
Mode of study: Full time, Part-time, Block Release
Type: Undergraduate
Information Technology generally refers to all aspects of computing and its integration into all aspects of today’s society and digital platform economy. Organizations of every kind are dependent on information technology and computing systems that must work properly and efficiently, be secure, and scale with organizational objectives and customer needs. This qualification will equip IT professionals to select computing products and services, integrate them to enhance supported environments, and develop, adapt, and…Read more Modules Corvered

Diploma in Accounting and Business Studies (DABS)

This Course aims to equip the learner with Business Management Skills. Graduates from the programme may become accounting technicians in the lower to middle level parts in different organization as well as experts in the daily running  of their own businesses.
This course is offered on full time, partime(Evening) as well as on block release basis. Read more Modules Corvered

Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management (Top Up)

Course Objective: As part of its mandate to improve the managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees charged with senior and middle management responsibilities in the public, parastatal and private sectors, The IDM HRM degree programme aims to generate a competent cadre of human resource practitioners operating within the supervisory, middle and senior levels of management. The programme is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills that are essential in supervising and managing employees within the work environment.
The Degree focuses on the operational and strategic functions of human resource management. It also provides participants with business knowledge…Read more