Tecno Y2 Price In Rwanda

What is Tecno Y2?

Tecno Y2 is a strong phone that comes with 2.0MP rear camera. It has a 4-inch soft screen, 8GB ROM, 1GB RAM, and is powered by Android 4.4.

Tecno Y2 Price In Rwanda

Price: RWF129,600

Is Tecno Y2 a 4g phone?

The Tecno Y2 supports dual-SIM functionality to enable you to separate different aspects of your life by using two SIM cards simultaneously. The budget phone supports high-speed 3G connectivity and that is the best you get.

Is Tecno Y2 a good phone?

It has 8 GB (5.8 GB usable) of storage and 512 MB RAM. With 512MB Ram, the device will lag when you run a heavy app on it. 

Y2 is a very comfortable Android 3G device that offers simple applications seamlessly. It has an amazing battery life that lasts up to 5 hours of talk time.