The Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) Current Job Vacancies

The Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) Current Job Vacancies

Areas of Responsibility

  • Formulate human resource policies
  • Guide implementation of policies
  • Monitor and evaluate policies
  • Leadership Development
  • Job evaluation
  • Human resource information system
  • Vacancy management
  • Coordination of collective bargaining
  • Determination of public service competencies
  • Human resource reforms management

Departments/Sections of the Ministry

 Human Resource Policy Development and Management

  • Human Resource Policy & Human Resource Strategy Development
  • Human Resource Policy Review
  • Advisory Services on Human Resource Policy Implementation
  • Conditions of Service
  • Development of Policy Implementation Guidelines

Human Resource Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Human Resource Policy Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Human Resource Audit Inspections
  • Human Resource Policy Impact Analysis
  • Unemployed Graduate Database Management

Human Resource Planning & Statistics

  • Workforce Planning
  • Vacancy Management
  • Manpower Budgeting
  • Workforce Analytics

Employee Relations

  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Welfare and Safety
  • Public Service Collective Bargaining
  • Public Service Grievance/Dispute Resolution
  • Public Service Union Management

Business Analysis & Modernisation

  • Change Management
  • Public Service Human Resource Reforms
  • Organisational Development and Design
  • Organisational Transformation

Human Resource Management Information Systems

  • Facilitation of Automation of Human Resource Processes
  • Development of Human Resource Processes
  • Development of Human Resource Information Systems
  • Human Resource Information Systems Management & Support

Executive Management Unit           

  • Executive assistance
  • Management of Executive Cadre

Botswana Public Service College       

  • Capacity Building for the Public Service
  • Leadership development for executives
  • Public Administration and management programs for general staff
  • Organisational excellence for public sector organisations
  • Coordination of Assessment and Development Center

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Departments/Sections and Key Functions

Following decentralization of some Human Resource functions to Ministries/Departments, the Directorate of Public Service Management remained with the responsibility to formulate human resource policy, guide implementation of policies, monitor and evaluate policies and oversee the following matters:

  • Administration of terms and conditions of service
  • Public service establishment;
  • Human resource audits;
  • Staff performance appraisals and service level agreements;
  • Salary administration and grading of jobs;
  • Public service training policy;
  • Discipline, staff training;
  • Wellness and safety;
  • Localization and staff development programmes;
  • Process enhancement and organization and methods;
  • The approval of employees career paths;
  • Human resource information system management;
  • Job evaluation;
  • Human resource reforms management;
  • Vacancy management;
  • Determination of public service competencies;
  • Coordination of collective bargaining
  • Leadership Development
  • Management of the Executive Cadre
  • Corporate Services

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