University of Alabama System Courses Offered

University of Alabama System Courses Offered

The University of Alabama System is a public university system in Alabama that coordinates and oversees three research universities: The University of Alabama, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville. These universities enroll more than 70,000 students. The system employs more than 45,000 employees at its three campuses and health system making it one of the largest employers in the state.

The University of Alabama was founded in 1831 in Tuscaloosa and is the state of Alabama’s oldest public university. In 1936, UA established an extension center in Birmingham, and the University of Alabama School of Medicine moved there in the same year. In 1950, another extension center was set up in Huntsville.

In 1966, the Birmingham extension center and the School of Medicine merged as the University of Alabama in Birmingham. However, it was still treated as an off-site department of the main campus in Tuscaloosa. With the creation of the UA system in 1969, UAB became a fully autonomous institution, and the Huntsville extension center also became an autonomous four-year campus like the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Find below are the University of Alabama System Courses Offered

Accounting, BS
Accounting, Minor
Accounting, MMA
Accounting, Ph.D.
Actuarial Science, Minor
Addiction and Recovery Studies, Minor
Addiction and Recovery, BS
Advertising and Public Relations, MA
Advertising and Public Relations, Minor
Advertising, BA
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, MS
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Ph.D.
Aerospace Engineering, BS
Aerospace Engineering, Minor
African American Studies, BA
African American Studies, Minor
Air Force Studies (Air Force ROTC)
American Studies, BA
American Studies, MA
American Studies, Minor
Anthropology, BA
Anthropology, MA
Anthropology, Minor
Anthropology, Ph.D.
Apparel and Textiles, BS
Applied Mathematics, PhD
Applied Statistics, MS
Applied Statistics, Ph.D.
Arabic, Minor
Architectural Engineering, BS
Architectural Engineering, Minor
Archival Studies Certificate
Art (Studio), Minor
Art History, BA
Art History, MA
Art History, Minor
Asian Studies, Minor
Astronomy, Minor
Athletic Training, Minor
Biological Sciences, MA
Biology, BS
Biology, Minor
Biology, MS
Biology, Ph.D.
Blount Scholars Minor
Book Arts Certificate
Book Arts, MFA
Business Administration, MBA
Business Analytics, MSBA
Catherine J. Randall Research Scholars Program (Minor)
Certificate in Literacy Research, Theory, and Pedagogy
Chemical Engineering, BSChE
Chemical Engineering, MS
Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.
Chemistry, BCH
Chemistry, BS
Chemistry, Minor
Chemistry, MSC
Chemistry, Ph.D.
Chinese, Minor
Civic Engagement and Leadership, Minor
Civil Engineering, BS
Civil Engineering, Minor
Civil Engineering, MS
Civil Engineering, Ph.D.
Classical Civilization, Minor
Collaborative Education Program, BSE
College Teaching, Graduate Certificate
Communication & Information Sciences (CIS), PhD
Communication Studies, BA
Communication Studies, MA
Communication Studies, Minor
Communicative Disorders, BA
Communicative Disorders, Minor
Computer Engineering, BS
Computer Science, BS
Computer Science, Minor
Computer Science, MS
Computer Science, Ph.D.
Computing Technology and Applications, Minor
Conflict Resolution Certificate
Conflict Resolution, Minor
Construction Engineering, BS
Construction Engineering, Minor
Consumer Sciences, BS
Consumer Sciences, Minor
Consumer Sciences, MS
Counselor Education, Ed.S.
Counselor Education, Ph.D.
Counselor Education: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA
Counselor Education: Rehabilitation Counseling, MA
Counselor Education: School Counseling, MA
Creative Media, B.A.
Creative Media, Minor
Creative Writing, MFA
Creative Writing, Minor
Criminal Justice, Minor
Criminology & Criminal Justice, BA
Criminology & Criminal Justice, MS
CrossingPoints Certificate in Occupational Studies
Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D.
Curriculum and Instruction, Ph.D.
Cyber Criminology, Minor
Cyber Security, BS
Dance, BA
Dance, MFA
Digital Consumer Engagement, Minor
Digital, Public, and Professional Writing, Minor
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Early Childhood Education, BS
Early Childhood Special Education
Economics, BA
Economics, BS
Economics, MA
Economics, Minor
Economics, Ph.D.
Educational Leadership, Ed.D.
Educational Leadership, Ed.S.
Educational Leadership, MA
Educational Leadership, Ph.D.
Educational Neuroscience, BS
Educational Policy and Reform Minor
Educational Psychology, Ed.S.
Educational Psychology, MA
Educational Psychology, Ph.D.
Educational Psychology-School Psychometry, MA
Educational Research, Ph.D.
Educational Studies Minor
Electrical Engineering, BS
Electrical Engineering, Minor
Electrical Engineering, MS
Electrical Engineering, Ph.D.
Elementary Education, BSE
Elementary Education, Ed.S.
Elementary Education, MA
Engineering Positive and Intentional Change, Minor
English as a Second Language, MA
English, BA
English, MA
English, Minor
English, Ph.D.
Entrepreneurship, Minor
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Minor
Environmental Engineering, BS
Environmental Engineering, MS
Environmental Science, BS
Evolutionary Studies, Minor
Executive Masters of Business Administration, EMBA
Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate
Finance, BS
Finance, Minor
Finance, MS
Finance, Ph.D.
Food and Nutrition, BS
Food and Nutrition, Minor
Foreign Languages and Literature, BA
French, Minor
General Business, BS
General Business, Minor
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Minor
Geographic Information Systems, Graduate Certificate
Geography, BA
Geography, BS
Geography, Minor
Geography, MS
Geography, Ph.D.
Geology, BA
Geology, BS
Geology, BSG
Geology, Minor
Geology, MS
Geology, Ph.D.
German, MA
German, Minor
Global and Cultural Perspectives, Minor
Global Health, Minor
Greek, Minor
Health Education & Promotion, MPH
Health Education & Promotion, Ph.D.
Health Studies, MA
Higher Education Administration, Ed.D.
Higher Education Administration, MA
Higher Education Administration, Ph.D.
History, BA
History, MA
History, Minor
History, Ph.D.
Hospitality Management, BS
Hospitality Management, MS
Human Development and Family Studies, BS
Human Development and Family Studies, Minor
Human Development and Family Studies, MS
Human Environmental Sciences, BS
Human Environmental Sciences, MS
Human Nutrition, MS
Human Nutrition, Ph.D.
Human Resource Management, Minor
Instructional Leadership, Ed.D.
Instructional Leadership, Ph.D.
Instructional Technology Certificate
Instructional Technology, MA
Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Minor
Interdisciplinary Linguistics, Minor
Interdisciplinary Studies in Medicine, Minor
Interdisciplinary Studies, BA
Interdisciplinary Studies, BS
Interdisciplinary Studies, Ph.D.
Interior Design, BS
International Business, Minor
International Studies, BA
International Studies, Minor
Italian, Minor
Japanese, Minor
Journalism & Media Studies, M.A.
Judaic Studies, Minor
Juridical Science, JSD
Kinesiology, BSE
Kinesiology, MA
Kinesiology, PhD
Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies, Minor
Latin, Minor
Law, JD
Law, LLM
Leadership Communication, Minor
Library and Information Studies, MLIS
Management Communication, Minor
Management Information Systems, BS
Management Information Systems, MS
Management, BS
Management, MA
Management, Minor
Management, Ph.D.
Manufacturing, Minor
Marine Science, Minor
Marine Science, MS
Marine Science/Biology Major, BS
Marine Science/Chemistry Major, BS
Marine Science/Geology Major, BS
Marketing, BS
Marketing, MS
Marketing, Ph.D.
Materials Science, Ph.D.
Materials/Metallurgical Engineering, Ph.D.
Mathematical Statistics, Minor
Mathematics Education, Minor
Mathematics, BS
Mathematics, MA
Mathematics, Minor
Mathematics, Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering, BS
Mechanical Engineering, Minor
Mechanical Engineering, MS
Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.
Medieval and Early Modern European Studies Minor
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Minor
Metallurgical Engineering, BS
Metallurgical Engineering, MS
Microbiology, BS
Microbiology, Minor
Multiple Abilities Program, BSE
Museum Studies Certificate
Music Composition, BM
Music Education, BSE (Certification in Instrumental Music)
Music Education, BSE (Certification in Vocal/Choral Music)
Music Performance, BM
Music Theory, BM
Music Therapy, BM
Music with a concentration in Arts Administration, BA
Music, BA
Music, DMA
Music, Minor
Music, MM
Musical Audio Engineering, BS
Natural Resources, Minor
Neuroscience Minor
News Media, BA
News Media, Minor
Nursing (RN to BSN)
Nursing Science, Ph.D.
Nursing, BSN
N ursing, MSN
Officer Training Corps Studies (Army ROTC)
Operations Management, BS
Operations Management, MS
Operations Management, Ph.D.
Personal Finance, Minor
Personal Wealth Management, Minor
Philosophy, BA
Philosophy, Minor
Physics, BS
Physics, Minor
Physics, MS
Physics, PhD
Political Science, BA
Political Science, MA
Political Science, Minor
Political Science, Ph.D.
Population Health Sciences, MS
Post-Master’s Certificate in Women’s Studies
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate
Psychology, BA
Psychology, BS
Psychology, MA
Psychology, Minor
Psychology, Ph.D.
Public Administration, MPA
Public Health, BS
Public Policy, Minor
Public Relations, BA
Qualitative Research, Graduate Certificate
Quantitative Research, Graduate Certificate
Real Estate, Minor
Religion in Culture, MA
Religious Studies, BA
Religious Studies, Minor
Risk Management, Insurance, and Financial Services, Minor
Romance Languages – French, MA
Romance Languages – French, Ph.D.
Romance Languages – Spanish, MA
Romance Languages – Spanish, Ph.D.
Romance Languages, MA
Romance Languages, Ph.D.
Rural Community Health, Minor
Rural Community Health, MS
Russian, Minor
Sales, Minor
School Psychology, Ed.S.
School Psychology, Ph.D.
Secondary Education, BSE
Secondary Education, Ed.S.
Secondary Education, MA
Services Marketing, Minor
Social and Cultural Studies Certificate
Social Welfare, Minor
Social Work, BSW
Social Work, D.S.W.
Social Work, M.S.W.
Social Work, Ph.D.
Sociology, Minor
Spanish, BA
Spanish, Minor
Special Education, Ed.D.
Special Education, Ed.S.
Special Education, M.A.
Special Education, Ph.D.
Speech Language Pathology, MS
Sports Media, Minor
Statistics, Minor
Structural Engineering, Minor
Student Designed, Minor
Studio Art, BA
Studio Art, BFA
Studio Art, MA
Studio Art, MFA
Supply Chain Management, Minor
Tax Accounting, MTA
Taxation, JM
Theatre with a Musical Theatre Concentration, BA
Theatre, BA
Theatre, BFA
Theatre, MFA
Theatre, Minor
Transportation Engineering, Minor
U.S. Law for International Lawyers, LLM
Women’s Studies, MA
Women’s Studies, Minor
World Literature, Minor