University of Arkansas at Little Rock Admission Requirement

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Admission Requirement

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a metropolitan research university in the heart of the state. We offer a dynamic learning environment where students can immerse themselves in the college experience and take advantage of opportunities both inside the classroom and out. The Trojan community is a diverse one, with nearly 10,000 students from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Admission for First-Time Freshmen Students

Deciding where to go to college is one of the biggest decisions you will make. UA Little Rock will provide you with access to endless opportunities such as studying abroad, internships, research, networking, and jobs – both before and after graduation.

Am I a Freshman?

  • You will be a freshman if you are applying directly from high school, and you’ve never attended college, or all your college credits were earned prior to high school graduation (or equivalent). Any credits earned before completing high school will be evaluated for transfer, but will not impact your application status.
  • If you have a high school diploma or GED and at least 12 transferable credit hours from another institution, you’re considered a transfer student.

Admission Standards for Freshmen

High school diploma earned

  • Option #1:
    • 19 ACT composite score/superscore OR 1010 SAT total score OR ACCUPLACER (ANG1) Reading 253, (ANG2) Writing 253, (ANG4) Quantitative Reasoning Algebra and Statistics 253, and
    • Have a high school GPA (no minimum GPA required)
  • Option #2:
    • 3.00 high school GPA, and
    • Have a “complete” college entrance exam score from the last five years. “Complete” means that all sections of the exam are included in the submitted scores (no minimum test score required)
  • Option #3:
    • 2.25 high school GPA, and one of the following:
      • 15 ACT sub scores in English, math, and reading, or
      • SAT (S12) Math 515, (S13) Reading 26, and (S14) Writing 26, or
      • ACCUPLACER (ANG1) Reading 234, (ANG2) Writing 234, (ANG4) Quantitative Reasoning Algebra and Statistics 234


  • 15 ACT sub scores in English, Math, and Reading, or
  • SAT (S12) Math 515, (S13) Reading 26, and (S14) Writing 26, or
  • ACCUPLACER (ANG1) Reading 234, (ANG2) Writing 234, (ANG4) Quantitative Reasoning Algebra and Statistics 234

Over 24 years of age

  • 2.0 high school GPA on a 4.0 scale, and
  • Must take ACT/SAT/ACCUPLACER (no minimum score required)

If you meet our admission requirements, you are encouraged to apply and will be reviewed for possible admission. If you were denied admission, you can send updated official documents and request reconsideration.

Getting Ready to Apply

Our Quick Guide will walk you through your next steps from applying for admission and paying the $40 application fee (or requesting a waiver), submitting the required documents like your transcript, signing in to the student dashboard, applying for financial aid, and more.

Required Documents

  • Application for admission and pay the $40 application fee. There’s no application fee for military students, so request your waiver here.
  • Immunization records or Titer Test showing Immunity (for students born after 1956) can be sent via mail, emailed to, or faxed to 501-916-3128. It must include dated proof of two measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines or the titer test with test date showing immunity. Not required for veterans or active duty military.
  • Official high school transcript Ask your counselor to send a current high school transcript. After you graduate, we will need a final high school transcript with your graduation date posted.
  • Official college entrance exam scores Ask your counselor to send your scores along with your current high school transcript or request your scores through the exam provider. Your test must have been taken within the last five years to be considered for a review in the Office of Admissions.
  • Official college transcripts (If you have taken college classes while in high school) from all post-secondary schools you’ve attended. Are you currently enrolled? Ask your registrar to send an in-progress transcript so that we can begin an initial review and then send another transcript after grades have posted. Official documents are sent directly from the institution that created the document. For example, official transcripts come from the previous college’s registrar by mail or electronic data submission.