University of Arkansas–Fort Smith Tuition and Fees

University of Arkansas–Fort Smith Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, any and all fees may be increased or decreased and new fees may be established when deemed necessary. Tuition and per-credit-hour fees are not capped; they are charged for each hour taken. 

 Per-Credit-Hour Fees

Undergraduate In-State / *Border States$171$68.75  $239.75
Undergraduate Out-of-State$474$68.75     $542.75
Undergraduate International$497$68.75  $565.75

*Per-semester fees of $73 will also apply (includes registration, student health, and fitness center access).

 Additional fees may apply.

 Full-Time Tuition

 TuitionMandatory FeesTotal
for One Semester
(15 Hours)
for One Year
(30 Hours)
Undergraduate In-State / *Border States $2,565 $1,104.25  $3,669.25   $7,338.50
Undergraduate Out-of-State  $7,110  $1,104.25$8,214.25$16,428.50
Undergraduate International$7,455$1,104.25$8,559.25$17,118.50 

The revised per-credit-hour tuition rate for UAFS students in UAF engineering programs is as follows:

In‐State$352.40  (1.3 percent tuition increase – 1.35 percent differential tuition increase)
Non‐Resident$1015.81 (1.8 percent tuition increase ‐  1.35 percent differential tuition increase)

Fees include registration, student health, fitness center access, activity, athletic, campus center, technology, student recreation center, library, infrastructure, and facilities. Other fees may apply. 

*Border state tuition is $474 per credit hour with a discount of $303 per credit hour for a net charge per credit hour of $171, the same rate as in-state residents. In-state (Arkansas) and border state rates include residents (at least six consecutive months) of Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. 

Refund of Tuition for Undergraduate Studies

When a student officially withdraws from a credit course, tuition is refunded according to the following schedule:

Date of Official Withdrawal – Fall/Spring Semesters

Before the first day of the semester100 percent
During the first week of the semester100 percent
During the second week of the semester through 11th day of classes (census date)50 percent
After the 11th day of classesNone

Date of Official Withdrawal – Summer Semester

Before the first day of the semester100 percent
First two days of the semester100 percent
Third day through the fifth day of classes (census date)50 percents
After the fifth day of classesNone

*Refunds for short-term courses or courses starting at times other than the beginning of the semester will be calculated on a prorated basis of a regular semester course.