University Of British Columbia Mature Age Entry Application Form

Mature students

UBC welcomes applications from mature students who can demonstrate high academic potential through a range of exceptional achievements and life experiences, beyond just academics.

As a mature applicant, you must be out of full-time formal education for at least four years and satisfy the English language requirement and degree-specific requirements.

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Requirements for mature students

You must be outside of full-time education for at least four years

This includes high school and most post-secondary programs. If you have a prior undergraduate degree, you can apply as an unclassified student, or as a transfer student if you wish to complete a second degree. Students with a previous degree are not considered mature applicants.

Full-time study is three or more courses per term/semester, or nine or more transferable credits per term/semester. For example, if you are applying to start in September, your last full-time attendance in school can have been no later than August.

You can only apply to the following degrees

If you are seeking admission to a degree not listed below, we recommend that you enroll at another institution and then transfer to your program of interest.


Fine Arts
Health and Exercise Sciences
Media Studies
Science (if you have not taken math or science courses in the last four years, you are strongly encouraged to take refresher courses before applying)


Applied Biology
Fine Arts: Acting, Creative Writing, Film Production, Theatre Design and Production, Visual Art
Food, Nutrition, and Health
Forest Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology
Forest Resources Management
Forest Operations
Forest Sciences
Media Studies
Natural Resources Conservation
Urban Forestry
Wood Products Processing

You must satisfy the degree’s requirements

As a mature applicant you still need meet the University’s English language requirement and certain faculty- or degree-specific admissions requirements. These vary according to where you attended high school and/or post-secondary. If you do not meet UBC’s English language requirements through standard attendance or test requirements, an admissions advisor may suggest alternatives.

Degree-specific requirements include, but are not limited to, prerequisites, supplemental applications, portfolio, and audition requirements. For most degrees, if you do not have the requirements at the high school level, you can present them at the post-secondary level.

If you are missing degree-specific requirements, you will be expected to complete the prerequisites for admission at another institution by April 30.

The University reserves the right to determine whether or not you are eligible for the mature applicant category. Prior UBC students are subject to faculty regulations and procedures.

Steps to apply as a mature student

1. Apply online

Follow the standard application process. The application deadline is typically January 15.

2. Contact admissions

Email – in the subject line, include “Mature applicant” and the degree and campus you wish to apply to. An advisor will get back to you to discuss whether you may be eligible for mature applicant consideration (a preliminary review of the transcripts required under Step 3 below is often helpful). If you have a prior degree, apply as a transfer student. It’s important to keep communication lines open with UBC. Ensure your contact information is up to date in the Student Service Centre and log in regularly, as this is how we communicate with you once you’ve applied.

3. Submit your required documents

After you submit your application, you’ll receive an email to let you know what documents to submit, and instructions for when and how to send them to our office.

As a Mature applicant, at a minimum, you will be required to submit:

  • Official transcripts of any post-secondary coursework you have completed or are currently taking
  • Official secondary school transcript (include proof of enrolment in any current courses)

4. Submit any additional documents

Once we review your application and academic transcripts, you may be required to submit additional documentation. Please do not submit these documents unless and until we ask you to:

  • A statement of academic intent outlining the area(s) of study that interests you and your readiness for successful university study
  • Your resumé with a full record of your employment and relevant personal history
  • Two written references from people who will be able to assess and describe your work habits, drive, and potential for academic success. Reference letters should not be from family or friends.

If needed, the additional documents could help us determine if standard English Language requirements can be waived. The faculty will then consider this information in addition to standard competitive and comparative criteria.

Please send all academic documents to UBC’s Undergraduate Admissions Office using the method(s) specified in the Next Steps email you will be sent after you apply. The sooner your application and documents are submitted, the sooner your application can be reviewed. In many cases, a decision will be deferred until space availability in your desired degree program has been determined.

Since the mature applicant category can be very competitive and admission is not routine, we recommend that you also apply to a local university transfer program. You can find out more information on the BC Transfer Guide.