University Of Calgary Enrolment Start Time

Student Centre

To facilitate a smooth course registration process, all students are assigned an enrolment start time. Your enrolment start time will be the exact date and time when you can begin enrolling into courses. Do not panic – although we encourage you to start registering at the time of your enrolment start time to access the best course selection, you have until the registration deadlines to do so (September for the fall term, January for the winter term, May for the spring term, and July for the summer term).

Remember to register for all the available terms to reserve your seat in your preferred classes.

You can also “Validate Your Shopping Cart” to ensure you meet all the pre-requisites for your preferred courses before your actual registration. 

How are enrolment start times assigned?

More than 25,000 continuing students are assigned enrolment start times. Enrolment start times are assigned with priority ranking based on a series of criteria. Given the volume of enrolment start times, it’s possible for students who have identical criteria to have different enrolment start times.

Enrolment Services is unable to re-assign or negotiate assignment of student enrolment start times. To ensure fairness and transparency, the order of priority for assignments are as follows (organized from most to least important):

  • Number of completed units (including posted transfer credit) and in-progress units at UCalgary
  • Cumulative GPA on all completed courses
  • Random assignment, in the case of a tie with students who have the same number of units and cumulative GPA