University Of Calgary Mature Age Entry Application Form

Adult Student AdmissionĀ 

Applicants who are 21 years of age or older by the first day of classes are automatically considered for admission as an Adult Student if they do not have 12 or more post-secondary units from a recognized/accredited institution to be considered a transfer applicant and a.) do not present the five high school required courses or b.) do not meet the competitive admission average using the five high school required courses.

Post-secondary units are counted if they are completed by December 31 of the year prior to the year of admission for Spring, Summer, and Fall entry; and August 31 for Winter entry (unless otherwise stated). Applicants must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents to be considered for Adult Student Admission.

Adult Students must present English Language Arts 30-1 or an acceptable equivalent and the additional grade 12 level program specific high school courses, or equivalent detailed below. Adult Students must meet English Language proficiency requirements.

seeĀ A.11 English Language Proficiency.