University Of Kigali (UoK) Tuition And Fees Structure

University Of Kigali (UoK) Tuition And Fees Structure

This policy document outlines the University fees management process in relation to student fees
along with the debt management procedures to be followed. The policy relates to all fees and
charges payable to the University by students as tuition, library services and other miscellaneous

The Policy applies to all students; full-time, part-time, school/Institution based in both
undergraduate, postgraduate and any other person enrolled as a student of the University. All
University staff are expected to familiarize themselves with this policy and to contribute to its
effective implementation

Fees to be paid by students

All school fees shall be set by the University Executive Council and approved by the Board of
Proof of fees payable by a sponsor (Companies, Charitable Organisations, Individuals, etc), shall be
in writing by the sponsor. Such payments shall be made payable to UoK bank accounts. However, it
remains the responsibility of the student to ensure full payment of fees.

All students, foreign and Rwandan citizens pay the same tuition fees. Evening, day and weekend
program also pay same amount of tuition fees. No student will be allowed to sit for examinations
without clearing tuition fees.

Registration fees

Students are required to pay fees and other charges in respect of their programme at the time of
registration. No registration is complete until all fees have been paid.

Registration fees are Frw 30,000. This is a one –off fee and includes the Application fees, the
Student identity card fees and Library card fees.

Registration fees are paid to UOK bank accounts by each and every admitted student and during the
time of registration each student has to present the registration fees receipt before being registered.

Tuition fees

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students pay tuition fees of Frw 180,000 (IT) and Frw 170,000 (other programs) per trimester.

The tuition fees are paid at the beginning of every trimester for all undergraduate students.
They are however allowed to pay in instalments as follows:

1st instalment: Frw 60,000 at the beginning of a trimester.

2nd instalment: Frw 60,000 at the beginning of the 2nd module

3rd instalment: Frw 60,000 (IT) and Frw 50,000 for other undergraduate programs at the
beginning of the 3rd module.

Postgraduate Students

Master’s degree students pay tuition fees of Frw 1,600,000 for the whole program.
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) students pay tuition fees of Frw 432,000 for the whole

Postgraduate students are allowed to pay in instalments as follows:

Master students: Monthly instalment: Frw 133,350 before the start of every module exam
during the program (which lasts 1 year). However, they are also allowed to pay in 12 monthly instalments (at the beginning of every month –latest by the 10thday of the month) of Frw 133,350.

PGDE students: Monthly instalment: Frw 50,000 during the program (which lasts 9
months). However, they are also allowed to pay in 6 monthly instalments (at the beginning
of every month –latest by the 10th day of the month) of Frw 72,000.

Other programs

i. CISCO program: Frw 80,000 full program

ii. Other professional course: CPA /ATC: Frw 60,000 (Level 1) and Frw 70,000 (Level 2)(Refer
to SOA Prospectus for more details)

Other fees

Other fees are any fees owed to the University for services other than Tuition and Registration Fees.

The table below outlines the various services offered and their charges.

Item – Charges

Academic documents /Loss of student ID – “To whom it may Concern”, Transcripts (1st copy is free) and
other official documents; Frw 5,000 per document.

Re –registration fees – Frw 25,000 annually

Thesis /graduation fees – Undergraduate Frw 150,000 and Postgraduate: Frw 350,000

Transfer /shifting – Transfer of session, Department or Campus: Frw 10,000

Loss of receipt – Frw 1,000

Special exams – Frw 10,000 per exam

Unofficial suspension fees – Unofficial suspension fee is Frw 50,000

Library – Access to Library is free using student cards. However, loss of
library materials (books) will be charged the cost of the material.

Module Retake – Frw 45,000

Graduation fees – Frw 30,000 for gown hire and Frw 20,000 upon return of gown
to the University within 2 weeks after graduation.

Note: The above fees are applicable at the time of printing of this policy and are subject to change
without prior notice.

University Of Kigali (UoK) Admission Requirements

Fee payment mode and UoK bank accounts

Fees shall be paid by depositing the specified amount in the bank accounts provided by the
University and subsequently presenting the banking /deposit slip for verification and receipting. The
University shall also accept bankers’ cheques /certified cheques from recognized banks and financial
institutions. The University shall not accept cash or personal cheques.

University Of Kigali (UoK) Courses Offered pdf

UoK bank accounts

The official UoK bank accounts are:


001-1390106508-95 for undergraduate, Postgraduate, PGDE and Professional courses students.

Bank of Kigali

051-0616692-38 for all undergraduate students

051-0616695-35 for fines, gown deposits, special exams, etc

049-0676249-03 for postgraduate students

Equity Bank

4012200365857 for undergraduate students


4401597680 /USD for international /internationally sponsored students

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