University Of Lay Adventists Of Kigali (UNILAK) Admission Requirements

University Of Lay Adventists Of Kigali (UNILAK) Admission Requirements



Secondary school certificate  (1 notified copy with a minimum of 2 principal passes)

Two passport photos in color with a white background

Identity card (1 copy) for national candidates and passport for international candidates


1. Download and fill the application form (Use capital letters in filling the application)

2. Paste one passport size photograph and attach another photo to your application

3. Enclose a copy of your National identity Card or Passport

3. Enclose a Curriculum Vitae

4. Enclose a notarized copy of your Degree

5. Enclose notarized copies of your Academic Transcripts

6. Submit the hard copy of the application to the Office of the Registrar by post or courier or in person  (Use capital letters in filling the application)

7. Personal statement ( Motivation Letter) of why you wish to join in the Masters Programme (approximately 100 words in English)

8. Proof of payment of Frw 10,000 towards Application Fee paid into Account NO 040 – 0297477 – 11 /Frw (Bank of Kigali) of the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali.

Admission Policy

  1. Introduction

This policy sets out to framework detailed conditions and procedures designed to guide, encourage and enlighten applicants wishing to join the University of Lay Adventists of KIGALI. Its key aim is to provide the basis for admission practice and to remove some admission barriers by providing different admission options taking into account different academic potentials of applicants.

It offers a variety of programs ranging from short course certificates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, while striving to observe all legislative requirements governing admissions in institutions of higher learning in Rwanda.

2. Admission Committee

The UNILAK admission Committee is made of Deans, Heads of departments, the Academic
Registrar and it is chaired by Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academics.

3. Category of students

A student can apply at UNILAK under one of the following categories:

Full-time student

Part-time student

A full-time student applies for all modules required for a given program for one academic year
and attends classes and assessments on a regular basis.

A part-time student applies for certain modules of his /her choice in a given academic period and sits for examinations related to the modules covered in order to be awarded a degree after successfully completing all modules for the whole program.

4. Equity consideration

Admissions at UNILAK are offered without any discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, color, ethnic origin, age, disability or other legally protected characteristics. All applicants enjoy equal admission opportunities and fairness. Each applicant is individually assessed in holistic assessment using the existing admission criteria. All applicants are considered on merit and their academic potentials.

5. How to apply

The procedure for admission application at UNILAK is simple. The applicant is only required to appropriately fill out an application form available at the reception desk in the Registration department or on the website, and submit it back to the reception desk with all documents required for admission. The admission form must be submitted bearing a stamp from the Recovery office for acknowledgment of receipt of admission fees.

6. Required documents

The following are documents required for students applying for admission at UNILAK. Applicants must make sure that all of the documents mentioned below are made available and submitted to obtain admission:

A certified copy of the secondary school certificate with a minimum of two
principal passes;

A copy of the identity card (a passport or a pass for foreign students);

Two passport photos (in color on a white background);

A copy of academic transcripts (for students from other Institutions of Higher

Bank slip of RWF 3000 for admission fees to be submitted to the recovery office.

7. When to apply

In the endeavor to start the academic year with all necessary preparations, students are required to submit their applications two months before the beginning of the academic year.

8. Acknowledgement of receipt of admission application

After submission of the application, the student receives a stamped copy of the bank slip be testifying that their application fees have been received.

9. Application feedback

In case the application is not granted, UNILAK lets the applicant know why his/her application was deemed unsuccessful. The reason for which the application was rejected is communicated to each unsuccessful applicant. The application feedback along with the admission letter is provided within the following period:

Students from the secondary school is informed about their admission decision on the
same day of application;

Students from other institutions of higher learning are informed about their admission
decision within a period not exceeding two days, and they must cover at least 240 credits

10. Applicants complaints procedure

UNILAK is committed to delivering a fair admission service in line with its selection criteria and policy. In the event that an applicant wishes to make a formal complaint, UNILAK will ensure that all complaints are dealt with fairly, promptly, consistently and with due regard to equal admission opportunity.

In this framework, any applicant wishing to make a complaint regarding his/her application should be directed to the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic. If a complaint is not addressed in favor of the applicant, the reasons for the decision will be communicated clearly to the applicant.

Applicants may complain if they are dissatisfied with the processing or consideration of their
application where:

There was some procedural irregularity in the way in which an application was handled by

There is evidence of bias or prejudice, or where there is a legal or statutory obligations

11. Application deadline

All applicants are required to apply before the beginning of the academic year. However, UNILAK can tolerate cases of delay within a period not exceeding one month. Special cases especially regarding students applying for some modules (part-time students) are handled according to the remaining modules on the schedule and modules prerequisites are taken into consideration.

12. Registration for admitted students

After being informed about the admission decision, applicants are required to proceed to registration to be acknowledged as students of UNILAK and given a registration number and a student card and, consequently, entitled to the rights enjoyed by other UNILAK registered students. The procedure for registration is as follows:

Pick and fill out the registration form available at the reception desk in the registration

Return the registration form to the registration office and get the registration number;

Submit the registration form to the recovery service along with the bank slip of RWF
30,000 for payment of registration fees;

Return the registration form bearing the stamp from the recovery office to the registration

Get the student ID card.

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13. Induction

All new students receive special orientation during the induction period to acquaint them with the UNILAK academic life. They are shown different classrooms and offices and are explained about services they provide, as well as other useful information, advice, and guidance necessary for their smooth integration.

14. Period of admission validity

For students who register after admission, the period of admission validity is 6 years. For students who are given the admission and do not register, the admission is valid for a period of two years.

15. Conclusion

UNILAK remains committed to delivering high quality admission services guided by its key value of fairness, while observing laws and regulations governing admissions in institutions of higher learning in Rwanda. All applicants follow clearly defined and simple admission procedures regarding when and how to apply, required documents, complaint procedures and enjoy prompt feedback with regard to their admission decisions.

UNILAK remains also dedicated to its endeavors to provide high quality education which supports students to achieve their full potentials and prepares them for professional life.

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