University Of Lethbridge Admission Requirements

The following are the admission routes and requirements for uLethbridge:

Some programs have additional requirements. For a list of programs with additional requirements, visit the Registrar’s Office website.

When should you apply? Check out dates and deadlines.

What do I need to get in to uLethbridge?

All Canadian high school applicants must present credit in five distinct senior high school courses, or equivalents, including one language arts course and at least four other courses.

To qualify for general admission, applicants need to have a final admission average of at least 65%, calculated using the highest averages of eligible courses. Some programs have additional requirements or have higher standards that must be met before admission will be considered. Make sure you meet additional admission requirements before applying.

To ensure success in your studies, all applicants, regardless of citizenship or country of origin, must meet the English Language Proficiency requirement through recognized study or a valid standardized test score.

Admission requirements by province/territory

To see which courses from a Canadian High School can be used for General Admission, please select the drop-down next to the province where you are attending or completed high school.
General Canadian High School Admission Requirements.