University of North Dakota Acadamics Scholarships


The scholarship program at the University of North Dakota is one of the best at public institutions of its size. Scholarships are supported by gifts from UND alumni and friends. 

Because high educational quality comes less expensively at UND than at most other academic institutions, scholarships can significantly help students in their financial preparation for college.

Past academic excellence and the expectation of continued achievement determine the recipients of more than 4,400 undergraduate scholarships totaling over $8.40 million per year. These vary in amounts up to $5,000 per academic year.

Each of the awards is based upon a number of variable factors stipulated by the donors. UND awards scholarships to the most worthy, promising applicants who meet the qualifications of the particular scholarship. Most of the undergraduate scholarships are awarded on the basis of past academic performance.

Scholarships to entering freshmen are usually limited to students who have exceptional ACT or SAT scores and who have a high school grade point average (GPA) or GED score commensurate with their ACT or SAT score. Transfer students and returning UND undergraduate students receiving 4.0 (straight A) averages are awarded scholarships first, and the rest of the scholarships are awarded to students with the next lower grade point average until all of the money is exhausted.

New students are considered for undergraduate scholarships at the time of admission to UND. Visit for more details. Current students should complete the Returning Student Scholarship Application form which is available at: