University Of Northern British Columbia Mature Age Entry Application Form

Mature Student Admission Requirements

It’s never too late to start an undergraduate or graduate degree. In fact, we offer a mature student orientation specific to your needs. Additionally, the residence at the UNBC Prince George campus has a designated Mature Student floor.

Each mature student application will be reviewed on its own merits.

What is a mature student?

Mature student applicants must:

  • be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents of Canada;
  • have been out of secondary school for at least three years;
  • be 21 years of age on or before the first day of classes;
  • have attempted fewer than 15 post-secondary academic credits.

Transcripts and resume requirements

Students must submit transcripts of any post-secondary work that they have completed for the purpose of prerequisite checks, and a resume of both academic and other activities (employment, service, etc.) for the past three years. The University may exercise its discretion by admitting on a probationary basis. 

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