University of Oklahoma system Tuition And Fees


Tuition is collected from every student as a condition of enrollment to receive instruction at OSU. Tuition rates vary by residency status and level of course. Courses beginning with 0 through 4 are charged at undergraduate rates and courses beginning with 5 or above are charged at the graduate rate. Graduate Nonresident Tuition is charged to nonresident graduate students who are in 100% online degree programs and are not taking courses on campus.

Tuition by Level & Oklahoma ResidencyPer Credit Hour Amount 
Undergraduate Resident – Standard Rate $180.55 
Undergraduate Resident – Lock Rate $205.30
Undergraduate Nonresident $697.90
Graduate Resident  $233.80
Graduate Nonresident Tuition $879.75
Graduate Nonresident Tuition (100% Online)   $364.00

General Fees

FeePer Credit Hour Amount
Student Activity Fee, Athletic $5.50 
Student Activity Fee, General $2.50 
Student Facility Fee, General $5.95 
Student Facility Fee, Campus Rec $3.00 
Student Development Fee $2.90 
Health Services Fee $6.00 
Advising & Assessment Fee $10.85 
Library Automation & Technology Fee $17.70 
University Technology Infrastructure/Maintenance Fee $13.20 
Academic Facilities Fee $25.70 
Academic Records Fee $4.35 
Daily O’Collegian Fee $0.30 
Transit/Parking Services Fee $2.50 
Life Safety & Security Fee $6.45 
Academic Excellence Fee $15.50 
Student Union Renovation Fee $5.15 

College Based Fees

College fees include the following:

  • Technology Fee: Provides for the maintenance of existing facilities housing computer and/or multimedia equipment, and the expansion and development of collegiate facilities, equipment, software and multimedia capabilities. It also helps provide for the specialized technology needs of each of the various colleges
  • Program Fee: Used to fund enhancements to instruction within each college, including equipment, technology, facilities, and salaries to support instruction.
  • Online or Electronic Media Delivery Fee: Used to fund online courses or for face-to-face courses, this will fund the expanded use of canvas and required technology for hybrid models of instruction necessary for FY .
  • Instruction Infrastructure Fee (School of Business only): Used to upgrade, maintain, and improve instructional facilities and equipment in the School of Business.
FeePer Credit Hour Amount
Ferguson College of Agriculture  $109.35 
Arts & Sciences (Undergraduate) $113.80 
School of Business* $124.80 
Education and Human Sciences (Undergraduate) $112.75 
Education and Human Sciences (Graduate) $92.00 
Engineering, Architecture & Technology (Undergraduate & Graduate) $183.25
Global Studies & Partnerships $25.00