University of South Alabama (USA) Admission Deadline

University of South Alabama (USA) Admission Deadline

Deadlines, Transcripts, And Test Scores

Students are urged to apply for admission well before their intended semester of entry. Scholarships and other financial aid and housing are more likely to be available to the qualified student who applies early. All undergraduate applications, including the required official documents, must be received no later than July 15 for the fall semester, December 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for summer semester. Deadlines for applications and supporting documents for international students are earlier than the deadlines for U.S. Citizens. Refer to the “International Students” section for details. Scholarship deadlines are significantly earlier and published in the “Financial Aid” section of the Bulletin.

All documents required for admission review (transcripts, test scores, or letters of recommendation) must be official, i.e., mailed from the home institution or testing agency directly to the Office of Admissions by the deadline. These documents become the property of the University of South Alabama. The applicant is responsible for making certain that the admission application, processing fee, and all required documents are received by the University by the appropriate deadline.

Out of the United States Alabama Deadlines: 
Fall Semester (August-December)June 15                 
Spring Semester (January-May)November 1
Summer Semester (May-July)March 1
In the United States Alabama Deadlines: 
Fall Semester (August-December)July 15               
Spring Semester (January-May)December 1
Summer Semester (May-July)April 1
Some Graduate Programs Have Different Deadlines:                                                              
AccountingMaster’s                               July 15 (Fall) / Dec.1 (Spring)
AudiologyPh.D.February 1
Basic Medical SciencesPh.D.March 31 (Fall Only)
Business AdministrationMBAJuly 15 (Fall Only)
Business AdministrationPh.D.October 15 (May Admission)
Clinical/Council Psy.Ph.D.December 15 (Fall only)
Environmental ToxicologyMaster’sMarch 1
Instructional DesignPh.D.June 15
Marine ScienceMaster’s / Ph.D.February 1 (Fall only)
NursingAcceleratedApril 1
Occupational TherapyMaster’sJanuary 15
Physician AssistantMaster’sNovember 1
Physical TherapyDPTOctober 15
PsychologyMaster’sJanuary 15 (Fall Only)
Speech/HearingMaster’s/Ph.D.February 1

What is the GPA requirement for South Alabama?

Academic Requirements: Applicants must be recommended by the high school counselor, have: a 3.5 minimum high school GPA, as computed by the USA Office of Admissions; scored at least a 28 composite on the ACT (or 1250 SAT scores).