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Applications are now open for Summer and Fall.

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Domestic applicants

Apply through EducationPlannerBC if you are a Canadian citizen or resident/landed immigrant.

New International applicants

Apply here if you are not a Canadian, landed immigrant, permanent resident, or convention refugee and are new to UFV or returning after one year.

Current students

Active UFV domestic and international students who want to apply to change their program.

Applicant portal

Review the status of your application. Refer to the email sent to you from UFV Admissions for log in information.

How to apply

Note: Prospective International students follow different steps than those listed below.
Find out how to apply to UFV International.

1. Choose your program

Select a program from UFV’s program list: UFV offers 17 bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, and more than 100 certificate, diploma, and post-degree programs. If you study fulltime, a bachelor’s degree usually takes four years, a diploma two and a certificate one.

Many of the courses you take in one or two-year programs will count toward a higher credential, allowing you to keep your options open by earning a one-year certificate or a two-year diploma on the way to completing a full degree.

To find out when you can apply, check the list of programs currently accepting applications.

If you aren’t sure which program to apply to, contact Student Recruitment or book a one-on-one appointment with an Academic Advisor.

2. Check the requirements

There are three types of requirements that you need to meet to qualify for admission at UFV: general requirements, English requirements and program requirements. Information about our general and English requirements can be found in the UFV Academic Calendar. You will also be able to look up your program in the Program Index to see program-specific entrance requirements.

Check the UFV Academic Calendar and find your program. In the How to apply section, you will find a list of all required documents.

Depending on the program to which you wish to apply, you may need to provide high school or university transcripts, prepare a portfolio, or take a placement test.

In addition to filling out an online application, some programs may also require that you fill additional forms, such as sealed reference forms, personal statements, or volunteer history.

Note: You are required to declare all previously attended post-secondary institutions, and provide official post-secondary transcripts. Students who have taken course prerequisites at other institutions will also need to submit official post-secondary transcripts for evaluation. Order your transcripts early so they can arrive before you apply. View official transcript guidelines.

3. Apply online

Submit your application

Credit card payment is required in order to submit your application. Alternatively, you may pay debit or cheque in-person at the Office of the Registrar at any campus.

Review application deadlines to ensure you apply in time to secure admission to your preferred semester.

After you apply, we confirm we’ve received your application by sending you an email to your personal email address within approximately one week of your submission.

This preliminary email contains information about checking your application status by logging into UFV’s application portal. You will need your ID to access the UFV application portal. Keep your ID secure and confidential so only you can access your application.

Note: In order for your application to be complete, you will need to submit all required documents which may include transcripts and additional forms such as sealed references, personal statements, or volunteer history.

Once we receive all the documents required for your program, we will review your application to determine if you are admissible. You are considered for admission according to the criteria outlined in the UFV Academic Calendar under Basis for Admission Decision for your program. Some programs may also require you to attend an interview or orientation. If so, we will notify you.

Once we’ve assessed your application, we will contact you to tell you whether or not you have been accepted into your chosen program.

You will receive an official letter of acceptance if you are accepted into your program.

Your acceptance to a program may be conditional upon final completion of all entrance requirements. You will be given a deadline to provide proof of completion (e.g. currently enrolled high school students will normally have a deadline of August 3 for Fall semester).

If you are conditionally accepted and must provide additional information, you will be notified. If you are not admissible for your program of choice, we generally offer admission to an alternate program (e.g. Qualifying Studies).

Get ready to attend UFV

Once your application is complete and you have been admitted, you’re ready to come and study at UFV. Find out what your next steps are, including logging into myUFV, UFV student portal, signing up for classes, attending orientation and more.

University Of The Fraser Valley Online Application

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