University Of The Free State Tuition And Fees Structure

University Of The Free State UFS Tuition Fees – Check below:

All correspondence about financial matters must be addressed to:

The Senior Director of Finance

University of the Free State | PO Box 339 | BLOEMFONTEIN | 9300

For detailed financial information, visit

Your student/reference/ID number must always be

and follow the links: Students – Student Finance.

mentioned in all correspondence with the university.

Or click the button or scan the QR code above.

For more information or to apply for the programme, please contact:

Student Finance:

Undergraduate/Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas/Honours students: +27 51 401 3003

+27 51 401 2806 | F: +27 51 401 3579 |

Master’s and Doctoral students: +27 51 401 9537 | F: +27 51 401 3579 |

Housing and Residence Affairs: +27 51 401 3455 | +27 51 401 3562

Where to pay?


Name of account:


Branch code:


Account number:

1570 151 688

Reference number:

One of the following:

•100 directly followed by student number for

payment of tuition and accommodation fees

•101 directly followed by student number for meals

•102 directly followed by student number for books

Electronic Fund Transfers Register the university as beneficiary.

Use the ABSA banking details in above-mentioned paragraph.

Reference numbers for DEPOSITS

•103 directly followed by student number for accommodation reservation deposit

•104 directly followed by student number for MBChB reservation deposit

•105 directly followed by student number for MBChB skeleton deposit

Facility for Online Credit-Card Payments

See and follow the links: Students – Student Finance – Online Credit-Card Payments.

Proof of payment: Fax to +27 51 401 3579 or e-mail to


All university fees are determined by the Council, which may amend it at any time. The amended amount will be payable on request.

Fees are payable in full, irrespective of whether any services rendered by the university are disrupted by circumstances beyond the university’s control, such as strikes, student boycotts, public unrest or any other disruption on campus.

Errors or omissions

Although the information contained in the prospectus has been compiled as carefully as possible, the Council and Senate accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

For the complete Student Finance Yearbook, visit the website and follow the links: Students – Student Finance – Student Finance Yearbook. University of the Free State UFS Tuition Fees

Payment dates
Tuition and residence fees are calculated per semester. All fees must be paid regardless of whether or not an account was received. Official account statements are emailed to your UFS4LIFE email address. It is your responsibility to forward the account to the payer and to enquire should you not receive an account at that email address.

Payment dates for South African students

First semester: all fees for the first semester are payable on/before 31 March.

Second semester: all fees for the second semester are payable on/before 31 August.

Payment dates for international students

First semester: all fees for the first semester are payable on/before 31 March.

Second semester: all fees for the second semester are payable on/before 30 June, regardless of any other date which may appear on account statements.

All other fees are payable no later than the end of the month following the month in which the transaction took place, as indicated on the account statement, unless specifically stipulated otherwise in the regulations.

Discount on early payments (SA students only)

Discount is given on early payment of tuition-fee accounts. Standard discount is given annually and is as follows:

•5% when all fees for the whole year is paid before 28 February

•2½% when all first-semester fees are paid before 28 February

Discounts are not given automatically. You must apply for discounts in writing. Discounts are only given on module and accommodation fees charged. If you receive any form of financial aid from the UFS on tuition and/or accommodation fees, you do not qualify to claim this discount.

Bursaries and loans

IMPORTANT: If you have a bursary or loan, it is your responsibility to ensure that the bursary donors make payments on time and in accordance with university regulations. You must make sure that you provide your sponsors with the correct details of your account.


Visit and follow the links: Students – Student Finance – First payments for registration, to view the amounts that must be paid before you register in .


Registration for first-semester and year modules takes place during January and February.

•First payments must be made five (5) working days before you register. You will not be able to register until these amounts reflect as credits on your tuition-fee account. If your tuition fees are less than the amounts required, you must pay the full tuition amount.


Registration for second-semester modules takes place in July.

•South African students: Payments prior to registration for the second semester are the same as for the first semester.

•International students: International students must pay all fees for the second semester in advance before registration can take place.

Estimated Programme Costs

• The cost per programme is the average cost per year.

•Tuition fees are charged per module.

•Programme prices vary according to the modules registered for.

•Prices quoted are for SA and SADC students.

•International non-SADC students pay the actual module price + 50%.

For the estimated costs, visit and follow the links: Students – Student Finance – Student Finance Yearbook, or get an online quotation at Students – Student Finance – Quotation.

CHECK OUT: University of the Free State UFS Online Application Status
The below degree programme/tuition-fee estimates are only guidelines to enable you to plan the cost of study for your first year. These estimates EXCLUDE other expenses, e.g. food, uniforms, textbooks, study material, stationery, accommodation, travelling, etc. Also note that these programme prices are 2019 prices and are subject to change.

Economic and Management Sciences



43 885


33 315

BAdmin Extended Curriculum Programme (four years)

27 745


37 990

BCom Extended Curriculum Programme (four years)

30 165

BCom Accounting

36 705

BCom Economics

36 430

BCom Entrepreneurship

35 525

BCom Human Resource Management

32 140

BCom Investment Management and Banking

36 785

BCom Law

39 650

BCom Marketing

34 385




30 630

Health Sciences


B Biokinetics

43 055

B Optometry

44 285

B Occupational Therapy

36 840

BSc Dietetics

40 670

BSc Physiotherapy

39 185

B Nursing

31 125

B Sport Coaching

38 262

Radiation Sciences

46 285


Estimated average per year:

49 670





33 275

BA Drama and Theatre Arts

31 955

BA Political Transformation

36 380

BA Journalism

32 625

BA Communication Studies

33 360

BA Language Practice

35 305

B Community Development

32 445

B Social Work

33 270


33 185




37 380

Natural and Agricultural Sciences



40 745


43 815


44 225

BSc Quantity Surveying

37 815

BSc Chemistry, Physics, and Biology

37 425

BSc majoring in Geology specialisation

40 205

BSc Environmental Geology

45 450

BSc Information Technology

41 065

BSc Microbiology

41 415

BSc Consumer Science

39 310

BSc Forensic Science

42 800

BSc Extended Curriculum Programmes

35 650

Theology and Religion



32 200

Students receiving financial aid (SA students only)

If you receive financial aid (bursary/loan), and the bursary or loan covers all fees for the year, the amount payable before registration will be reduced by the amount of the financial aid. If your bursary or loan does not cover all fees for the year, you must still pay the first payment before you register.

Please fax proof of your bursaries/loans to +27 51 401 3579 five

(5)working days before you register. You must bring the original proof of your bursary/loan with you when you register.

Notes and study material

Study material/notes are automatically prepared when you register and is charged accordingly. It is your responsibility to collect the study material. If you cancel/ discontinue any of the modules, you will not be refunded for the notes.


Money for books can be paid into a separate account in advance. The amount paid will be transferred to your student card.

At the end of each academic year, the credits available on your student card will automatically be transferred to your tuition-fees account.

Student card

You will receive a student card when you produce proof of your registration. Your student card is your key to all kinds of services and events at the UFS.

It is your official university identification, and as a student or employee, you must carry it with you whenever you are on campus. Your electronic student card is for your use only; nobody else may use it. Your personal details are associated with your card and are unique to your card. Your first card will be issued free of charge. A fee is payable to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card.

Parking disc

To park in designated parking spaces allocated to students, you must buy a parking permit/disc at Traffic Services by the end of February. It must be displayed on the windshield of your vehicle.