University Of The West Indies Cave Hill Campus Barbados Admission Requirements

University Of The West Indies Cave Hill Campus Barbados Admission Requirements

Qualifications for Undergraduate Entry

Faculty: Culture, Creative and Performing Arts | Medical Sciences | Humanities and Education | Law | Science and Technology | Social Sciences | Sport


Entry Requirements:

Three-Year Programme

Minimum of five (5) CSEC (CXC) General Proficiency (Grade I-III) or GCE Subjects

Compulsory – English Language

Passes in two 2-unit CAPE/GCE A-Level subjects

An Associate Degree from the Barbados Community College (BCC), College of the Bahamas (COB), or St. John’s College, Belize with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or above.
A Diploma pursued over three (3) years from an approved Teacher’s Training College or a Diploma pursued over two (2) years, together with a one-year internship, provided that the holder has at least four (4) CSEC General Proficiency (Grade I-III) or GCE O-Level passes including English Language.
Other approved Diplomas and Certificates

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Programme

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree follows a programme of study in two arts disciplines (drawn from dance, theatre and moving picture arts).  Prior to admission to the programme, all qualified applicants to the BFA are required to submit a sample of their creative work and take part in an interview.  To learn more about the submission of creative work please click here.

DANCE: Applicants intending to specialise in Dance will be assessed by a ballet or modern dance sequence, as well as a one to two-minute self-choreographed or repertory solo to instrumental music (Other dance styles are welcomed in the solo audition). Applicants must also submit a resume or brief summary of their Dance Study, a written goals statement narrative and a DVD of his/her work.  Group work and performance footage are accepted.

THEATRE: Applicants specializing in Theatre, are required to audition. They are expected to prepare and present (i) two prepared actor’s pieces, including a monologue and/or (ii) A song or a segment of a song of no more than two minutes in length.

FILM: Applicants specializing in Film are required to submit a creative work (film/video) of one to three minutes’ length, in which they played a key creative role (writer, director, editor). Alternatively, applicants may submit three film clips which have inspired them with brief notes as to why they have selected each clip.  A photo essay, photo story and/or portfolio of photographs are also accepted with the submission.

Four-Year Programme

Passes in at least five (5) CXC General Proficiency (Grades I-III) or GCE ‘O’ Level subjects including English Language and either one of the following: a foreign language, Elementary Mathematics, Geography, or an approved science subject.


To be qualified for entry, applicants must satisfy both the general matriculation requirements of the University and the specific requirements of the Faculty of Medical Sciences: 


General Matriculation requirements:

Minimum of five (5) CSEC (CXC) subjects (gen. prof. Grades I-III) and/or GCE ‘O’ Levels (grades A-C) including English Language and Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Specific requirements:

The minimum academic requirements for admission to the MBBS Programme are based on performance in the Caribbean Proficiency Examination (CAPE)/GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations or their equivalent.
Applicants must:

  • Have attained their 18th birthday by December 30 of the year of entry
  • Have achieved passes in three (3) Two-Unit CAPE or three (3) ‘A’ Level subjects according to any one of the following schemes
Scheme(CAPE)/GCE ‘A’ Level passesMust include these subject(s) among the five (5) CXC /GCE ‘O’ Level passes required for matriculation
AChemistry, Biology/Zoology and either Physics or Math. 
BBiology/Zoology, Chemistry and a non-science subject Physics

Applications to enter the MBBS will be also considered in the following categories:


  • Applicants seeking transfer to Medical Sciences from the Faculties of Science & Technology and Food & Agriculture at St Augustine will only be considered on completion of the Preliminary and/or Introductory courses of the programme.
  • Such applicants must complete and submit a Transfer Form (only) by the second Friday in January of the year of application.
  • The academic standard for entry will be based on a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.5 with a minimum Grade of B in Chemistry, Biology and one other subject. (if the third subject is not Physics, Physics must have been passed at the CSEC (CXC)/GCE O’ Level/BGCSE or approved equivalent qualifications).

Applicants Holding UWI Science Degrees

Persons holding a UWI first degree from the Faculties of Science and Technology (formerly Pure and Applied Sciences) with a minimum of lower second-class honours may be considered for entry.

Applicants Holding Degrees from other Universities

Persons holding degrees from Universities other than the UWI will also be considered provided that:

  • The University which granted the degree is recognized by the UWI as competitive.
  • Credits have been obtained in Biology / Zoology and Chemistry
  • A minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 or its equivalent has been obtained.

Associate Degrees and Community Colleges

Applicants holding a triple major Associate Degree from an approved community college will be considered provided that a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater has been attained.

Equivalent qualifications

Applications may also be considered from persons holding other qualifications which are deemed by the Faculty to be equivalent to the categories above as determined from official transcripts.

Please note that entry into the MBBS Medical Undergraduate Degree Programme is highly competitive and being qualified is not a guarantee of acceptance.

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Non-academic/Co-curricular criteria

  • All applicants are required to submit certified evidence of their involvement in co-curricular activities in support of their application (see guidelines for submission in the application package)
  • Recent and/or sustained involvement of the applicant in such activities will be considered in assessing the suitability of applicants for a career in medicine.

In addition to the co-curricular form, applicants to this faculty must submit a short (300-word or less) autobiographic sketch outlining the reasons for their career choice.   Click here to download the co-curricular form.

Students in Medicine must also meet the technical standards that are deemed essential for training and practice in the profession. To review the technical standards please click here.

Bachelor Of Health Sciences

Entry Requirements:

Duration of the Programme

Three (3) years of full-time study.  Seven (7) years of part-time study.

Qualification for Admission
Students seeking admission to the degree programme must fulfil the following normal matriculation requirements:

  • CXC Certificates, General Certificates of Education (GCE) Holders of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Certificates and/or Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), General Certificates of Education (GCE), Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) (or the approved equivalents in Matriculation Regulation)

            ▪ CSEC subjects/ GCE O’ level o Mathematics, English Language, Biology, Chemistry & Physics
            ▪ CAPE/ GCE A’ Level o Biology/Zoology& Chemistry and a non-science subject

  • Associate degree, diploma(s) and certificate(s) from other health science programmes at a reputable institution will also be considered for entry.

o Exemptions with credits may be granted.
o Relevant work experience may be considered for matriculation.

For students writing CAPE, candidates who have passed two (2) 2-unit courses in a particular subject area fall within the two (2) Level matriculation standing. Six (6) Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) Units, including the two single-unit courses – Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies are required normal matriculation.

Faculty Requirements:

Candidates must also satisfy ONE (1) of the following requirements (A, B or C):


GCE O’levels (grades A to C)/CXC/CSEC General Proficiency level (grades 1 & 2 pre-1998; grades 1 to 3 from 1998) in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

GCE A’Levels / CAPE (2 units per subject): a minimum of two Subjects chosen from Chemistry, Biology / Zoology and a non-science subject 


UWI, Preliminary Pure & Applied Science Course (N1): Chemistry, Life Sciences

Equivalent qualifications (as determined from transcripts) to those above.

Mature students (≥ 21 years) with Associate degrees, diplomas and certificates in health-related sciences inclusive of the GCE O’Level/CXC/CSEC requirements stated above at A (i) and relevant work experience in a research/medical setting.

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