Valley City State University Academics Scholarships

New Student Scholarships

Valley City State University offers the top scholarship program among all public universities in North Dakota. Scholarships are a fantastic way to help leverage the cost of a quality education from VCSU.

To qualify you must be a new, on-campus VCSU student in the Fall of 2022 when these amounts will become effective.


New freshman scholarships are based on each student’s cumulative high school GPA.

ScholarshipAward AmountGPA Range
President’s$4,000 per year for four years ($16,000)4.0
Leadership$3,500 per year for four years ($14,000)3.65-3.99
Clock Tower$3,000 per year for two years ($6,000)3.05-3.64
Footbridge$1,500 per year for two years ($3,000)2.50-3.04

*Students who do not qualify for ND, MN, MSEP, or WUE tuition rates are considered non-resident students and do not qualify for the scholarships listed above.

Non-resident/international students may qualify for a STARS waiver, see below.

STARS Waiver
$1,000 per year for five years ($5,000)
Applies to students paying non-resident and international tuition.
First-year students need to have a 3.25 GPA OR a minimum 23 ACT/1130 SAT score (if available)