What Is The Best Coastal Town In Rwanda

What is a Coastal Town?

Coastal cities are located on the interface or transition areas between land and sea, including large inland lakes. Usually, coastal cities have access to the sea or larger lakes through ports and/or major rivers.

Unlike watersheds, there are no exact natural boundaries that unambiguously delineate coastal areas.

What Is The Best Coastal Town In Rwanda?

The Town Of Gisenyi

Located in north-western Rwanda, Gisenyi is a lively, cosmopolitan seaside town nestling on the shores of Lake Kivu at the foot of the Nyiragongo volcano.

The town boasts a tropical atmosphere, with beaches, water sports, and a lakeside promenade dotted with stores, cafés, bars, and restaurants.

What is the most beautiful town in Rwanda?

Kibuye, surely one of the most beautiful cities in Rwanda, is surrounded by high hills that come dressed in wisps of mist by morning and offer sweeping views of the lake waters and the islands by afternoon.

How far is Rwanda from the sea?

Rwanda, warmly known as “the land of a thousand hills” is situated in East – central Africa.

It lies 121 Km South (75 miles) of the equator in the Tropic of Capricorn, 1416 kilometers (880Miles) west of the Indian Ocean, and 1250Km (777Miles) east of the Atlantic Ocean – literally the heart of Africa.