When is BEC PSLE Online Results Be Released

A total of 47 518 (Forty Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eighteen) candidates wrote the examination showing an increase in candidature of 2.34% from the 2018 candidature of 46 432 (Forty Six Thousand Four Hundred and Thirty Two).

Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) has released the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) results.

The cohort had 23 746 (49.97%) females and 23 772 (50.03%) males.

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BEC Registration for Candidates

Private candidates are informed that Registration for Private Candidates will start on 17 February until 03 April for JCE and 02 March to 30 April (For BGCSE and GCE O’ Level) Examinations . The information regarding Registration can be accessed through Malepa, the BEC website at www.bec.co.bw, BEC Facebook page (Botswana Examinations Council) and Twitter Page (@Bots_Exams). PLSE registration will run from 03 February until 13 March

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BEC PSLE Results

The examination is held once a year (Letter and Composition for English and Setswana in August; all other papers in October).  The examination is designed for candidates who have completed seven years of primary education or its equivalent.  The Scheme of Examination makes provision for candidates who are studying through informal means, as well as those engaged in full-time education.  Candidates must be at least 11 year old when they take the examination, but otherwise there is no age restriction.

The examination is offered in the following subjects:  Mathematics, Setswana, English, Social Studies, Science, Agriculture and Religious and Moral Education.

BEC Grading System

The PE together with the APE and SE uses mark sheets to pull out exemplar scripts to be used for finalizing the thresholds. The exemplar scripts should be for 2 marks above each cut-off and 2 marks below. There should be five scripts picked at each mark

The grades obtained by a candidate at syllabus level are converted from alpha to numeric grades to allow for an aggregation. The conversion is as follows: A = 9 B = 7 C = 5 D = 3 E = 1